PacCares: How Pacsun and Rare Beauty Are Teaming Up To Support Mental Health

You may know Pacsun for their Californian-inspired storefronts and beachy-chic clothing. Or maybe you think of their Kendall + Kylie Jenner clothing line or the fact that they carry Brandy Melville.

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What happens when the earth's water well runs dry?

We may forget that water is not an infinite source on the planet so what happens when we run out?

While seventy percent of the Earth is covered in water, only about two percent of it is drinkable. On top of this, most freshwater is inaccessible, either frozen in glacial ice or buried deep beneath the Earth's surface. According to several sources, there are currently one billion people in developing nations who lack access to clean drinking water and by 2025, up to two thirds of the world's population could end up living under water-stressed conditions.
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