Why I'm Getting My Grass-Fed Meat Delivered From Now On

I was raised eating meat. Dinner was always meat and veg, no matter what. Back then, nobody was questioning what was really in our meat or how it was raised--we assumed that it was high-quality and nutritious. Fast-forward a few years and we have all watched a docu-series, heard a podcast, or read an investigative article about the horrors of the meat industry.

I had no idea that the quality of the majority of the meat consumed in the US is extremely low, or how badly meat production has been affecting our environment. As much I was concerned about this, I knew I could never give up meat entirely. I needed to find a better, more ethical source of meat, especially since my partner and I are attempting the keto diet.

I remembered my friend, Sara, raving about the steaks she and her husband had the week before, so I reached out to her to see where she sources her meat. I was delighted to hear she found a high-quality meat distributor that practices ethical, sustainable farming in the US called Wild Pastures. They offer a membership that delivers 100% grass-fed and pasture-raised meats at the lowest price right to your door.

I did some research of my own and was initially struck by how open they were about their farming practices. They use a rotational grazing technique that doesn't use pesticides or herbicides, so they have healthier and happier cows. With Wild Pastures, my meat would be sourced from honest local farmers, so it felt like a great way to ensure the quality of what I was eating (I love the idea of supporting a local farmer rather than some corporate giant) Plus, Sara said it's the best meat they've ever tasted!

The idea of having 100% Grass-Fed Beef, Pasture-Raised Chicken, and Pasture-Raised Pork that would typically be hard to find in my local grocery store or butchers delivered right to my door was irresistible. Wild Pastures offers two memberships, the Standard annual membership for $59 gives you access to 25-40% savings on pasture-raised meats, flat rate shipping of $7.99, and a 365-day money-back guarantee. The Plus annual memberships offer all that with the addition of free shipping for a whole year. They also offer month-to-month boxes too if you want to try them out without a membership.

From there you have the ability to create your own custom boxes with whatever you enjoy. Depending on your needs you can choose from the 10-11 lbs for $89 box, the 20-21 lbs for $178 box, or the 30-31 lbs $267 box and fill them with your preference of the different cuts of beef, chicken, and pork.

Each month you'll receive your Wild Pastures box full of delicious, nourishing, pasture-raised meats delivered right to your doorstep in 100% recyclable and compostable packaging (or reusable packaging for local deliveries). And I can always pause or skip a month if I need to.

I read their average customer saves $864 per year. I did the maths and it turns out switching to Wild Pastures for my meat was not just a healthy and conscious move but also an economical one too. I opted for the Plus membership along with the 30-32 lb box, which gives me 60 - 8 ounce servings, which is less than $5 a serving.

When my first Wild Pastures box arrived, the first thing I noticed was how the cuts of meat were all so lean and a great size. I decided to make sirloin steaks for dinner,--our favorite restaurant is a steakhouse, and we've really been missing going in person. Not only is it safer to make dinner at home, but Wild Pastures is also way less expensive. I'm what you might call a steak connoisseur, so I was ready to put it to the taste test.

With just the classic salt and pepper and a touch of my favorite rub, I cooked them to a perfect medium-rare. Now let me tell you, we have tried meat from lots of different stores in an attempt to find the best. Everywhere from Whole Foods, Omaha Steaks to Costco. Wild Pastures blew all the rest out of the water. The meat is consistently rich in flavor, juicy, and simply great quality.

If you're looking to take your well-being, and the environment, into your own hands, Wild Pastures is a great first step in this journey!

2 Pounds Of Free Meat Per Month For Life!

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