Why Pretty Litter Is The Best Kitty Litter

Some people hate cleaning kitty litter so much that they're willing to pay upwards of $500 for a self-cleaning kitty litter box. For that much money, two people could see 19 movies a year at matinee prices!

That's a lot of screen time for the cost of avoiding the most basic of kitty cat chores. Of course, all that could be remedied if there were just a great kitty litter. Luckily, this is the saves-the-cat-moment in the movie of your life.

Close up on the kitty litter box. We see an owner pouring yellow kitty litter. A dust cloud builds. We hear coughing. A cat enters, pees, and leaves the box with clumps on its paws. Cut to a doctor's office: the cat has a urinary tract infection (UTI) because of the dust cloud. The owner pays a bill of $500. Enough for self-cleaning kitty litter box; enough for two people to see 19 movies a year at matinee prices!

SMASH CUT: We see a bag of PrettyLitter. Its contents resemble white sand. It pours without a dust cloud. The cat uses it, leaving the box with no trace of it having been used.

CUT TO: A movie theater. The owner, alone, walks carrying a bag of popcorn. Clumsily, he bumps into another person, spilling popcorn everywhere – both parties crouch to clean the mess, bumping heads along the way. Will they fall in love? Maybe with each other, but certainly with PrettyLitter, the best kitty litter. How can we know for sure? Read on and fall in love with PrettyLitter yourself.

Pretty Litter creates no dust cloud.

As you've seen already, the dust cloud created by kitty litter is dreaded. Not only can it prompt a coughing fit and a mess, but it can lead to a UTI. Of course, if your cat has a UTI you'll likely be unable to diagnose it yourself; you'll just see your cat displaying the symptoms of illness (not eating, hiding, meowing in pain, etc). Luckily, PrettyLitter not only helps your cat avoids UTIs, but it can also help you detect them. What?! YES!

PrettyLitter helps to diagnose cat illnesses.

Part of what makes PrettyLitter the best kitty litter is that it changes colors to indicate feline health. Yellow is normal, but red, orange, blue, and green are forebearers of UTIs, blood in the urine, inflammation, kidney problems, etc. It's also an early warning detection system because you'll be able to spot cat trouble before your cat becomes hard to spot (because they hide when they're sick).

Here's the real nitty-gritty of the color scheme. If your cat's urine is too alkaline, it'll turn into a shade of blue or green (high urinary pH can lead to bladder crystals and stone formation). If PrettyLitter turns a shade of orange, then your cat may be suffering from metabolic acidosis (when your cat's body produces too much acid, or your kidneys aren't removing enough acid from the cat's body, which can have consequences as serious as coma or death). Kidney tubular acidosis (when your cat's kidneys are the culprit behind too much acid in the body), is also a potential threat. Low urinary pH can also lead to calcium oxalate (a big part of kidney stones). And if the crystals turn red, that can mean bladder inflammation, bladder stones, or a UTI. Good luck spotting that in a clump!

PrettyLitter provides easy cleanup.

Other brands boast about the efficacy of their clumping formula while keeping the adverse effects of clumping cat litter on the down low: clumps can get easily dragged around the house, stepped in by owners, and can be so hard to clean that they compromise an entire box's worth of litter with broken up clumpy bits.

You might be saying, "My cat is obsessed with Fancy Feast Broths," but you'll also be saying, "I love PrettyLitter!" after you discover the secret of its no clump formula. Its shiny white crystals are highly absorbent silica gel, and it traps odor, moisture, and eliminates the urine. That means no clumping! You don't have to scoop the litter box for clumps, and you don't have to fear a mess. Everyone will think you have super tidy cats, and the only solid waste is going to be cat feces, which, luckily, is easy to scoop.

PrettyLitter has a naturally fresh odor.

One of the benefits of PrettyLitter is that you won't even know you're using it. That's because it has no scent! And when your furball friend uses it, the odor gets trapped and eliminated with the moisture. Talk about odor control!

PrettyLitter is all natural litter.

Part of what makes PrettyLitter the best kitty litter is that it's made from all natural silica gel. It's super lightweight, which is why a bag only weighs 4 lbs. Many other litter products make their litter out of clay with harmful compounds. Bentonite, for example, is added to facilitate clumping, but it can hurt your cat's digestive system.

What makes bentonite potentially harmful? The clumps made from bentonite may stick to your cat, and when your cat licks its paws that clay may then expand within them. Yikes! And if 1800 PetMeds, America's Largest Pet Pharmacy, doesn't give you a definitive, "Yes," when you ask, "Is clumping litter safe for cats?" then you've got yourself a problem. Play it safe with PrettyLitter!

PrettyLitter is actually manufactured in one of the world's largest and most highly regarded kitty litter plants under the highest of quality standards. And the silica comes from carefully selected sources! The proprietary blend that's used to monitor your cat's urine also comes from natural sources.

PrettyLitter is affordable, lasts longer, and makes life easy.

PrettyLitter is roughly 22$ per bag, although the cost goes up if you have multiple cats. One bag lasts a whole month, and since it's subscription-based you never have to worry about running out. And since PrettyLitter doesn't clump, one bag actually is enough for a month. That means less waste for the environment! And if you've already spent $500 on a self-cleaning litter box, or happen to own any of the 5 best litter boxes, don't worry, PrettyLitter will work great in there too!

So, step aside Dr. Elsey, get lost World's Best Cat Litter, and, Arm and Hammer, take a hike! PrettyLitter is clearly the best kitty litter on the market. And you don't even need a meet-cute to fall in love. You just have to go online and place an order.

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