The Lightweight, No-Nonsense Kitty Litter That People Love

I adore my cat - he's such a joy. I adopted Cookie three years ago, and now my life is so much livelier.

However, full disclosure, I absolutely hate cat litter. I hate buying it. I hate lugging each. Bulky. 25 lb. Bag. I hate scooping it. And I detest stirring up that toxic dust cloud when I'm changing it. I've gone through at least ten kitty litters and . . . None of em work.

Then I read about the many benefits of clay litter - it promises to be easy to scoop. Sounded good to me, so I tried it - what a waste. The dust went everywhere! Cookie scatters it outside the box, down the hall, so it sticks to my socks, even my bare feet! And then I track it through the house. The sweeping, the wiping - what a nightmare. On top of that I read that clay litter may be toxic for some cats! I knew I had to find another option for Cookie.

When asking a fellow cat-owner friend for advice, they suggested PrettyLitter's revolutionary crystal litter. It absorbs moisture on contact and locks in odor. They have both clumping and non-clumping versions. I went with the clumping litter, and this cat couldn't be any happier! Their litter is so easy to clean out. No more dust everywhere! I was surprised how much better the odor control was. Cookie loves it, plus it's so much more attractive than his old brands. There's a reason it's called PrettyLitter!

When you visit PrettyLitter's site, just tell them how many cats you have, and they deliver the litter to your door each month. Simple as that.

Beyond its obvious perks, the cool thing that separates PrettyLitter from other brands is that it's not only easy to clean, it's also designed to help monitor your cat's health - mind blown. If things are normal, Cookie's pee will be yellowish or light green, but if the litter changes colors, something could be wrong. Deep green-blue litter can signify a potential urinary tract infection. Orange may indicate kidney tubular acidosis. And red indicates blood in the urine - a possible bladder inflammation, or bladder stones. Cats' symptoms don't often appear until they're advanced - some of these things can be super scary if not caught early.

A litter that can detect health issues sounds like it would be expensive, right? Wrong. PrettyLitter's cleaner, detects health issues early, and is delivered straight to my door. Not to mention, the total monthly cost is cheaper than what I've paid before! Amazing.

I still don't love dealing with litter, who does?!? But PrettyLitter has made my life - and Cookie's - a whole lot better.

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