Here's How To Avoid Algorithms When It Comes To Your Wine Choices

Everyone's talking about algorithms these days.

Everyone's talking about algorithms these days. Maybe it's because we've been cooped up in our houses for so long, ordering takeout and waiting for our subscription meal kits, vitamins, and pet supplies to arrive. Most subscription services use algorithms to identify your shopping patterns and then bombard all your social feeds.

But what is an algorithm, anyway?

Technically, an algorithm is a mathematical set of rules that specifies how a group of data behaves. But as far as your editors are concerned this is just a marketing trick.

Just ask the wine club Tasting Room - an exquisite, bespoke subscription service that views algorithms and "tasting rubrics" as hardly equal to an individualized experience. Online subscriptions using recommendation algorithms are just giving you undistinguished batches of wine based on a few generic questions.

Tasting Room believes that experience and expertise win out over number-crunching every time. They're intent on sharing their wine expertise, imparting knowledge in a gentle way that builds over time. Tasting Room provides the tools, the wine, and the expert guidance.

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Instead of using an algorithm to determine their shipments, Tasting Room grants access to your very own personal wine concierge who will help curate all of your shipments. Tasting Room sources the best wines from vineyards around the world. Their grapes are so top-notch only 1 in 12 wines their sommeliers taste make it into their monthly collections.

Your first case costs only $49.95 for 6 premium bottles of wine - that's a little over $8 apiece. After that, Tasting Room will automatically ship a $75 case of 6 (or 12!) bottles at the frequency of your choice either every 1, 2, or 3 months. Bottles cost just $12.50 each - with the choice of all reds, all whites, or a mix of the two.

A Tasting Roomsubscription provides insightful concierges who continually update their selections as they get to know you. And based on that knowledge they suggest bottles as gifts or for dinner parties, and even handpick your shipments.

Your personal concierge takes the time to help you learn about wines and broaden your palate with carefully selected suggestions you're bound to love.

Feel free to connect with your very own wine concierge via email and they'll respond within 2 hours Monday - Friday, 10am to 6pm EST. Their expertise is just a click away with Tasting Room.

You can pause or opt-out at any time. And, to make sure you're 100 % happy with your wines, Tasting Room offers a Total Satisfaction Guarantee. If a bottle doesn't match your taste preferences, they'll provide you with a credit you may use at their retail Bottle Shop. Tasting Room truly is a wine lover's dream.

What algorithm does that?

Algorithms may sound super smart and feel sophisticated. But in reality, you're not an agglomeration of data, you're an individual. The wine we drink should embody our personalities and help us joyously celebrate special events, our relationships, and our daily lives.

Whether you're a newbie, a wine enthusiast, or a full-on connoisseur, Tasting Room will take you on your very own, unique exploration into the world of wines!

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