Subscription Laundry Detergent Is A Thing. We Tried It: Here's What Happened

As I've gotten a little older, I feel like I've really refined my sense of style, and have started to buy more high-end basic, pieces of clothing that'll stand the test of time. They're the type of pieces that can be machine washed, but I feel like store bought laundry products are all have the same generic scent that makes me smell like a flower that swallowed a dead flower. Plus, the generic brands just don't really take care of my clothes, and now that I'm actually investing some money into what I wear, it's important to me that the clothes last as long as possible. If I buy the same laundry products as my mom, I'm going to smell like my mom. Poof, mind blown. There had to be a detergent out there that didn't look and smell like they were meant for housewives from the 1950's. I did some Googling, and found Frey, a line of products designed to change the way we think about washing our clothes.

When I landed on Frey's site, I felt like I was onto something different. The vibe was sleek and modern, unlike any laundry brand I'd ever seen before, almost like a lifestyle product for cool men that hitchhike across the country to swim in hot springs, but also own a closet full of suits. I scrolled over to products, and honestly was surprised to see more than one. I guess I never really thought past detergent. I learned Fabric Conditioner could reduce the wrinkles in my shirts, who knew? Still, I didn't know if a natural product would actually get my clothes clean, or if I could trust that I'd like the scent. Scent is so personal, how would I know I liked something I bought online?

I decided to read more. I learned that Frey has no parabens or toxins, which is good for the environment and my sensitive skin, plus its concentrated formula means less waste per load. I liked how Frey has total transparency about its contents and created a business model based on sustainability—Frey plants a tree for every order placed. These guys get it.

But going back to my original dilemma, I needed to know about the scent, and didn't know if buying something on the internet I couldn't smell first made sense. There was a lot of hype with the customer reviews. . . "So. F'ing. Good." "Smells like a man with an 815 credit score." "Nomad Wizard Lumberjack." I wasn't even sure what the last one meant, but with such unique and detailed descriptions, I figured people must really like it.

Then I noticed Frey's Laundry Plan. It was like they knew I needed a little help. I answered a few easy questions like what kinds of fabrics I would be washing (work or workout) and if I ever wear clothes a second time in between washes (who doesn't?!). Then they gave me a suggested laundry list. They even have articles with really useful tips like "How To Get Barbeque Stains Out Of A White T-Shirt." The only thing left was to try it. . .

Smelling my clothes after washing with Frey was like doing a cannonball into a creek in an autumnal forest. But also really subtle- I understand the hype. Now when I put on a clean shirt I feel put-together and on top of my game. And it doesn't even costs less than regular detergent; those can cost up to $0.93 per load, Frey's cost is just $0.40 per load! #MathNerdAlert. Plus the smell is amazing . . . Excuse the pun, but what a breath of fresh air.

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