Why You Need This Ultra Premium Litter For Your Ultra Premium Cat

When my daughter graduated from college and moved to Oregon, she gave me a graduation present - full responsibility for her yellow striped cat, Butter. Don't get me wrong. I adore Butter, but he's almost 12 now and has some health problems. Last winter, he had a UTI, poor kid.

Things like that make dealing with litter box duties grosser than ever. Not to mention the inconvenience - cat litter bags are heavy, and it's such a hassle lugging them from the store to car to the house. This couldn't go on. I needed a break. And sweet old Butter deserved better.

So, I went online, searching for a solution. The first thing I made sure to do is read the customer reviews. I saw one name come up again and again- PrettyLitter. PrettyLitter is an "ultra-premium litter" with consistently awesome reviews, like: "LOVE THIS LITTER! 😻!!!" and "Beats all other litter brands hands down."

Here's the scoop (pun intended), PrettyLitter is a subscription service. For just $22 a month, they deliver right to your door. No going to the store, no hauling it home. Super convenient and economical. Free shipping, and there's a 30-day money back guarantee if it doesn't work for us. One bag lasts me a whole month.

Pretty Litter
No Mess Cat Litter
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I ran the facts past Butter, who agreed it was worth a try. Our PrettyLitter order arrived a few days later. I couldn't believe how light the bag was. When I changed out the old litter Butter was dazzled by the new litter pouring into his box - it looked like sparkly white sand.

We didn't even have to wait for the dust to settle - there was none! PrettyLitter's made from naturally occurring ingredients that are safe for cats. No fuss, no mess, no dust storms. The highly absorbent crystals soak up moisture - so all I gotta do is scoop the poop. Plus, these crystals magically trap nasty odors. This is cat box Nirvana!

There's another feature I was especially excited about; PrettyLitter helps me keep tabs on my kitty's health. The crystals in the litter react to Butter's urine and change color if there's a potential issue. Red, green, blue, and orange indicate different issues like UTIs, inflammation, kidney trouble, etc. The litter can indicate potential problems before visible symptoms or pain occur. With an elderly cat like Butter, this gives me a real sense of security. It's so great that PrettyLitter can help me monitor his health.

My daughter called the other day to ask how Butter was doing. (She asked about me, too, but Butter takes the front seat, I guess.) I told her we were both doing fine, thanks to PrettyLitter. With less smell and less mess, this truly is an ultra-premium litter for my ultra-premium cat.

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