3 Hilarious Cats That Failed So Hard .. They Basically Won

They're fluffy, wide-eyed and oh so loving (when it suits them). Yes, our beloved feline friends become a huge part of the family. Cats can be your best friend or your worst enemy, but all of the ruined sweaters, the cat-hair-covered furniture, mayhem, and trouble are worth it when they look at you with those gigantic eyes and melt your heart. Your cat causes you enough hassle - so their litter box should be the least of your worries.

Luckily, PrettyLitter is taking the stress out of litter box duty. The super lightweight cat litter is delivered right to your door every month. It has super absorbent crystals that mask the pee odor and minimize dust, and it can even detect a potential health issue your cat might be facing. If your cat has a medical problem, the litter will change color, making it clear when you should give the vet a call!

Our editors asked you guys to share your funniest #catfail moments with us - and these are our top picks.

Puddles: The Thesis Destroyer

"My cat, Puddles, has always had a cute, mischievous side that I found endearing. He's always knocking over glasses or potted plants, and while his reckless behavior had always been somewhat of an inconvenience, his actions had never caused me to have a meltdown...until last year. It was my final semester of college, and of course, I had left printing my thesis until the last minute. With an hour left before I had to submit it, I rushed home to grab my laptop. I threw my printed essay on my couch and went into my room for no more than ten minutes. I emerged to find all-out carnage- Puddles had completely shredded the paper and was rolling around in it! Luckily, my lecturer believes me when I emailed her a photo and allowed me to turn it in a few hours late. Brings a whole new meaning to the "dog ate my homework" tale!"

Mittens: The Cat Who Will Go Anywhere Except the Litter Box

"My cat, Mittens, is the stuff of dreams. He's a giant grey fluff ball, with big, beautiful green eyes. He's super loving, very well behaved and obedient. But no matter what I do, he will not use the litter box. I've tried literally every method in the book- but he will go in literally every other spot in my house. Mittens has gotten pretty creative in the places he chooses to do his business- flower pots, my bed- you name it- he's done it. His erratic litter box phobia didn't add up, and after doing some research, I found out that if cats are sick and use the litter box, they can associate it with pain going forward. So I got him a new box and changed the litter to PrettyLitter,which can help detect if a cat has a potential health problem-now he never has an accident".

Frank: The Disrespectful Kitty

"Our family has had Frank since he wandered into our back yard about 11 years ago. He's the definition of a fat, ginger cat- super affectionate and loves snuggles, and in his later years, all he does is nap by the fire. He was a great source of comfort to me when my mom passed away last year. Frank was a great distraction for the whole family…..until the day he decided to knock her urn off the fireplace all over the floor and then sneeze all over the ashes… gave us all a good laugh when we need it most and we still giggle about it to this day."

If your cat is wreaking havoc on your home and giving you so much trouble that you barely have time to change the litter box, you need PrettyLitter. Now if only there was a way to get your cat to stop intentionally knocking things over......

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