We Take Our Dog's Health Very Seriously, That's Why We Choose PetHonesty

When it comes to taking care of our dogs, we take it very seriously. Our little pups mean the world to us, and the thought of them suffering breaks our hearts. But unfortunately, dogs can suffer from the same ailments as us.

Some problems our dogs can suffer from are allergies, hip and joint pain, stomach issues, and more.

Food allergies can be common with dogs - twice as common than with cats. Flea allergies have been on the rise over the past 10 years with a 12.5% increase in dogs, and there's been a 30.7% increase in environmental allergies for dogs over the last decade - this includes cleaning solutions, mold, pollen, and fabrics.

A lot of us can tell if our dog is under the weather. But the sad part is, sometimes we might not even know - it's not always obvious from the outside, but they're feeling it.

Lucky for us, there's a company out there that works to help prevent our dogs from suffering from these ailments: PetHonesty.

PetHonesty creates all-natural, vet-formulated treats that your dog will love, which also protect them from these problems. Plus, they're the best value on the market. The products come to just 30 cents per treat. Compared to other pet health companies, whose prices usually sit at about $1 per treat. And even still, PetHonesty offers great bundle deals and discounts.

Some of their products include AllergyImmunity, PureMobility for hip and joint pain, a 10-for-1 MultiVitamin, Nutraprobiotic, an ear cleaner, and many more. They come in all flavors - salmon, duck, bacon, you name it, whatever your pup's favorite is!

Their site is extremely informative and boasts reviews for each product. After just 2 weeks of consuming these delicious treats daily, they'll start to take effect, and your pup will be protected. Not to mention, PetHonesty's customer service is impeccable, and they're known to resolve any problems efficiently (although it seems rare there ever is any).

Whether your pup has allergies for a fact or not, we'd recommend checking out PetHonesty. No matter what, their products will benefit your doggy. It'll be the best thing you ever do for your bundle of joy.

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