Avoid A Real Estate Nightmare With Orchard

After the disaster of our first move, we never wanted to move again. So when my husband got a new job 2 hours away, he was happy to commute.

Turns out the commute was more like 2 and a half hours each way, and I missed him too much!

We started dreading the new move process because of our previous disasters.

Realtors Were Shady

Once we were approved for a loan last time, we started looking for homes at the top of our budget. We found a split-level ranch that needed some work, but was in the perfect location. We called the realtor to see if we could put in a bid, but he strung us along forever before admitting that it was already under contract, and we could only get it if we could pay in cash for above the asking price.

He offered to show us other homes in our price range, but since he got us under shady circumstances, we had trouble ever trusting him again.

We Couldn't Keep Our Home Clean For Viewings

Of course, right when we started doing open houses for potential buyers, our sweet dog came down with nervous bowels. Every day, there'd be a mess on the carpet or in the kitchen, and no matter how quickly I cleaned, the smell hung around for awhile. If I never had to do a viewing again, it'd be too soon.

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Online Listings Were Misleading

There was one home we found with an incredible backyard with trees that looked like they stretched for acres. We didn't read the fine details because that one picture was so perfect.

When we went to see the house, we didn't realize that behind a heavy smattering of trees in the back...was a 24 hour gas station. The lights would be on all night.

Everything went wrong last time we searched, so my husband suggested we try something new this time. I was just bracing myself for the haul, but his coworker told him about Orchard.

Orchard does something different; their biggest value is that they extend the small window of real estate opportunity by allowing you to sell your house from the comfort of your new one.

They give you a cash offer to unlock the equity in your home, so you can buy and move into a new home while Orchard cleans, lists, and sells your old home!

And in order to find that new home, they have an incredible online listing site. Their listings are updated every hour and you can rank places according to what's most important to you; number of bedrooms, fireplace, pool, etc.

They charge the same 6% fee that other realtors do but under them, you become a non-contingent buyer, which is the ideal buyer for any seller. WhenOrchard unlocks your home equity, you can still get your dream home, even if it's in high demand because you don't have a contingent offer.

We're thrilled that Orchard solves all of the problems we had with our last move, and we can't wait to get started!

UPDATE: Save time and money when you sell and buy with Orchard. Follow this link to get one step closer to your dream home!

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