I Tried NerveRenew For Nerve Pain. Here's Why I'm Never Going Back.

It all started with tingling in my feet. Then it turned into numbness and sharp pains not only in my feet, but my lower legs as well.

As the weeks and months went on the pain got worse and worse. Almost every night I was woken up by unbearable cramps in both my legs.

As I arched over the side of the bed trying to stretch my legs out to ease the pain, my wife half asleep told me I was going to my doctor's first thing in the morning.

She was right — I had suffered long enough and as a Type 1 diabetic, I needed to inform my doctor.

I didn't even need to tell my doctor all my symptoms, he already knew what I had: "Diabetic Neuropathy."

In layman's terms, my high blood sugar level was causing damage to my peripheral nerves which was causing all the numbness, pain, and cramps I was having.

My doctor told me that so many people are affected by nerve pain, and diabetes is only one of multiple causes.

Chemotherapy, autoimmune diseases, hereditary disorders, bacterial and viral infections, trauma, and even liver and kidney damage are all causes of nerve pain.

My doctor prescribed me some pain medication, but the pills were so harsh on my stomach that I felt nauseous every time I took them.

With my doctor's advice, I stopped them. The tingling numbness in my legs and the pain during the night was becoming unbearable.

I used to love cycling and gardening with my wife, but because of my nerve pain, I have had to stop. I couldn't keep living like this, so my wife and I started to do our own research.

We found a lot of different supplements, but I didn't know how I could trust them. The ingredients were never good quality or strong enough to make any sort of impact, so I wasn't going to waste any more money on them.

My wife finally found something promising: a video of Dr. Don Kennedy talking about nerve pain and LifeRenew's NerveRenew supplement. Everything he was talking about was exactly what I was suffering from.

He explained how NerveRenew's combination of Vitamin B with Vitamin B1 in the form of benfotiamine, has been proven to relieve neuropathic pain.

I looked up this Benfotiamine stuff and I found so many clinical studies showing how effective it was at relieving nerve pain.

These studies also showed that taking the antioxidant R-Alpha Lipoid Acid eases the pain, numbness, and tingling sensation associated with neuropathy.

Lipoic acid in this form promotes blood flow and oxygen to nerve cells which makes it effective at easing nerve pain. LifeRenew's NerveRenew capsules contain both Benfotiamine and R-Alpha Lipoic Acid and I noticed it also contains another B, vitamin- B12, which is known to help regenerate nerve cells.

NerveRenew was so different from any other supplement I had seen before. It looked like the best option out there, so I signed up for their 2-week free trial, because I still didn't know if it would work for me.

My 2-week supply of NerveRenew arrived and I added one capsule to my morning and evening routine.

After the first week, I really didn't feel any difference, but I continued into the second week because it's cumulative - like many vitamins, it can take up to 4 weeks for people to feel the effects.

After my second week, my wife noticed that I wasn't complaining about cramps or pain as much. And she was right!

I was still in pain, but it was definitely less frequent. My next month's supply arrived just in time after my two-week trial.

After another two weeks of taking NerveRenew, my pain and cramps had eased so much that some weeks I forgot I even had neuropathy.

I was shocked, to be honest, and thought I wouldn't have continued after the two-week trial, but now I can't live without NerveRenew.

NerveRenew has given me back my life. I'm back to cycling three times a week and I am back in the garden planting some new veggies.

If nerve pain is causing pain in your life then you need to check out NerveRenew by LifeRenew.

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