How Le Tote Helped Me Dress Like A Boss At My New Job

I recently got hired at a new firm, which I'm beyond delighted about. I've been dreaming about this job since I graduated and now, it's finally coming true!

One thing I was not excited about was my wardrobe. My style hasn't changed much since entering the professional world a few years ago. Which is fine when you're the recent grad in the office, but I'm more than that now, and my clothes need to show it.

I can never find the time to go shopping, and when I do I get so flustered in the mall with so many shops to look through, trying everything on, and then not knowing what to actually buy. I needed a complete fashion revamp - from staple classics pieces to new fancy tops and dresses - something I didn't have the time or patience to do all myself. I was looking for a way to get sophisticated and modern clothes, stat!

So I asked my friends what they wear to work, and one of them suggested Le Tote, a fashion subscription service that lets you rent clothes and accessories for as long as you need. You get to choose all your pieces from their gorgeous inventory of clothes and accessories to get delivered to you each month. Then after you're done wearing them you return everything in the prepaid envelopes or keep the items you want at a reduced price from retail. You don't even have to do laundry.

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It sounded like exactly what I needed, but was I going to like the clothes they have in their closet? I went online and browsed through their inventory and I was very impressed. I was already imagining myself wearing all their gorgeous pieces and looking fabulous in my new office.

I signed up online and made my member profile, which asked questions about what type of styles and fit I prefer to wear. I had to reassess the look I was going for and looking through all the pieces I could rent off Le Tote really helped to guide me on this. All their pieces were fabulous. Once that was finished, I picked a few items to complete my profile.

My box came a few days later with all the pieces I had previewed online. My favorites were a navy blue bomber jacket and a pair of work trousers. They fit so well, looked amazing on and were so comfortable. The best part of Le Tote is getting the variety I need for work without having to buy new clothes all the time.

Another great thing that I've noticed is that my tote gets better each time. The more feedback I give about the clothes, the more I feel that Le Tote really understands my personal style. I feel more prepared for work than ever. Plus, I did this all without having to leave the house!

When I graduated from my program, one piece of advice I got from an alum was to "dress for the job you want." And that is exactly what I'm doing. Thanks to Le Tote, I'm dressing like a boss and am feeling more confident in my new look than ever.

Le Tote has become my fashion go-to for keeping my wardrobe refreshed and I can't express enough how much peace-of-mind it has given me. I'm impressing everyone at the office and getting the best fitting clothes all without having to buy any new clothes.

Update: The amazing team at Le Tote is offering our readers a special discount. Follow this link and use code RESTYLE to get 15% off your first two months!

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