How Sustain Natural Makes My Period Suck A Lot Less

Ladies, it's that time of month again when Mother Nature sends Aunt Flo your way to let you know you're not pregnant. While this may be good news for some of you, actually having our period can suck. Why does it suck so much? Here's what we got:

  • Cramps.. Painful.. Never ending cramps
  • Your cute underwear is ruined
  • Your skin breaks out
  • You're overly tired
  • Your boobs are swollen and tender
  • Bloating
  • You crave food that makes you feel more bloated (chicken nuggets ftw)
  • You might even get horny as f*** and can't do anything about it

So you think to yourself, why does it have to be sooo bloody? Why can't it just be glitter and fairy dust? While Sustain Natural can't make that happen, it can make your period less miserable. Here's how:

You can customize your flow

With their period quiz, you can determine exactly how much of which item you need. Sustain has your back if your flow is irregular or you want to switch things up. You can mix & match tampons, pads and liners, plus you can choose your absorbencies so that you always have enough for your light days, heavy days and everything in between.

Sustain keeps it natural (pun intended)

Made with 100% Certified Organic cotton, their period products are free of synthetic ingredients, rayon, or fragrances, so you know exactly what you're putting in your body. Other tampons have all kinds of crap in them, and sometimes even have a chemical film to hold the cotton together. On average, you spend 6 years of your life with a tampon inside of you, so what goes in there really matters.

They make sure you're always stocked

With the subscription, you get a fresh supply every two months so you'll never run out. Plus you can pause, change, or cancel at any time.

They're doing great things for women

Sustain has a team of "vagina confidantes" who'll answer any questions you have about your period, and pretty much anything vagina-related. No topic is off limits or taboo. I love knowing that my period products are coming from an open and honest brand.

Since I started Sustain, my period sucks a lot less. I'm happy that I get the exact quantity that I want, and since they deliver my organic goods straight to my door, I'm always prepared for Shark Week.

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