I Tried Ribbon. Here's What Happened

I've been a real estate agent for years, but lately it's been a struggle to find new clients and close deals. I mean, with the pandemic in full-force, nobody's thinking about moving in my area. And even when they are, securing the loan to make a competitive offer isn't easy. I've been in the biz for over 9 years and I'll admit that the whole real estate industry is starting to feel a bit archaic.

Even when I identified a potential client, it became clear that financial concerns were a huge workaround. The housing market is historically competitive and winning the house was much more difficult than finding clients. We'd drive around for hours viewing dozens of homes, but winning offers were few and thin.

The worst part would be when my client actually won the home and couldn't get their mortgage on time. For one reason or another, delays were very common, especially right now. It seemed like no matter how hard I tried, I would never be able to close.

When a former colleague reached out to me to see how I was doing, I admitted it was tough going. Bonnie laughed and said she'd had the exact same problem. She told me about how the real estate platform called Ribbon had helped her close three times more houses than she had in the past year.

I was familiar with platforms that allow home buyers to browse listings based on their own specifications and budget, but those types of websites never helped me close a listing. Instead, people would browse online, maybe show up at an open house, and then reveal that they can't pay in cash. Besides, they'd need much more time before making such a momentous decision.

But then Bonnie said Ribbon wasn't like any of those other websites. Instead, Ribbon is totally transforming the home buying and selling process.

Home-buying has always been overly complicated and time-consuming. Families are frustrated with an outdated system that's unfairly balanced towards institutional corporate buyers and investors.

I've always been trying to combat the fast-paced nature of the real estate market. Just think about it. Investing in a house is the most money you'll probably ever spend in your life. It's an emotional decision that takes time and there shouldn't be any pressure to "close quickly."

Ribbon cuts out all the noise. They've designed a series of tools that deliver a stress-free real estate experience. For my clients buying homes, Ribbon makes them more competitive in the market by offering an upgraded all cash offer to give them the best chance of winning the home and a potential cash discount. Even better, it gives them certainty of moving into their new house on-time and without any fuss.

Ribbon also provides an all-in-one ecosystem that helps reinvent the home buying and selling process in their communities. When I jumped on their site for a bit of research, I found that Ribbon steps in to help buyers reserve their home if they need more time to get everything together.

Ribbon equips realtors with all the tools needed to provide buyers with a guaranteed offer in under one hour! No mark-ups or loan requirements, and the house is guaranteed to sell so my job is done.

I decided to take the leap and join Ribbon and was thrilled that a dedicated customer success representative and expert would guide me through the entire process. My service rep made it super easy - I barely had to fill out any forms and they were my go-to for any questions

From there, the rep helped me begin using Ribbon in my community. And if I ever have any complications with a client she'd assist me. It's great knowing that I have someone in my corner. Plus, Ribbon gives me a space to organize all conversations pertaining to any deals, track activity from other parties, digitally sign, and create a paper trail for audits. I decided to pitch Ribbon to a few of my existing clients and they absolutely loved it.

Just two weeks on Ribbon and I already have my first potential buyers in months! I'm a huge proponent of the "guaranteed close" since it's much more beneficial for both parties. I can't believe how archaic traditional real estate feels now.

Ribbon's process is simple and streamlined. and. It's time to say goodbye to corporate buyers and ridiculous mortgages and hello to the future of real estate!

Let Ribbon take the hassle out of the home buying and selling process

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