Summer Of Play

The COVID burnout is real for both grown-ups and kids alike. After a messy school year, parents all over the country are worried about keeping their kids on track throughout the summer months.

Summer is a time for kids to play, and the last thing they'll want to do is sit down for some home-schooling. If only there was a way for kids to learn through play….

Enter: HOMER.

HOMER Learn & Grow is an app that offers thousands of different activities for kids that focus on learning skills. You sign up online and download the app for a hands-on digital experience. Yep, HOMER is guilt-free screen time!

Between the ages of 2 and 8, your child is a sponge, and HOMER caters to kids of this age group to maximize potential. HOMER covers a wide range of subjects, from reading to math, and broader life skills like critical thinking, problem-solving, information processing, and emotional intelligence.

HOMER Learn & Grow
For Kids Ages 2 to 8
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Next, you answer a few more questions to help determine what stage of learning your child is at because every child is different.

Then your child can start to learn through play! HOMER isn't just an app you use to keep your child occupied; their learning method is research-based and studies showed a 74% increase in early reading scores. This summer you won't have to choose between learning and play. HOMERincludes playful learning activities that kids want to do.

Plus, all it takes is 15 minutes of learning a day to make progress with HOMER. The team behind HOMER consists of experts with degrees in developmental science and cognitive studies, along with certified teaching experience.

The HOMER app is easy for kids to play on their own and on the go. There are in-app games and stories, but also offline printables, and offline play ideas that can be done outside on sunny days!

The goal with HOMER is to not only learn but to build your child's confidence so they can turn theory to practice. If you don't want your child to fall behind over summer, try HOMERtoday and your child can learn through play all summer long!

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