Here's How I Solved My Hot Sleeping Problem.

My sleeping conditions are ideal for a penguin. I like it icy cold. Unfortunately, I radiate heat like a bear, and my wife likes all the covers, so even with the A/C on high, I melt at night.

No matter how cold it was, the bed always warmed up. Believe me, I've tried, but there's no cooling down my body, so I thought the next-best solution would be cooling down the bed. That's how I found the Pod by Eight Sleep. It's a mattress that lets you adjust the temperature for your side of the bed, so I could sleep on the block of ice I've always dreamed about and Samantha could spend the night in the Miami heat.

My wife, Samantha was skeptical about how buying a new mattress would help me. I shared my research on how a cooler environment leads to higher quality rest, and how based on our nightly movement, the Pod's dynamic water-powered technology will regulate the best temperatures for us.

She wasn't impressed until I mentioned that the Pod's smart technology can hook up to our smart devices and turn on the coffee pot when it senses we're waking up. If she could skip one extra step in the morning, she was sold.

When our king-size bed arrived, we hooked up the Pod to our phones, so it could track our movements each night, and over time, create the perfect temperature journeys for us. Our first night, I turned down the mattress to the lowest setting, -10, and Samantha tried a toasty +3, on a -10 to 10 scale.

Climbing into bed was the most satisfying experience of my life. Hitting the cold bed, I worried that I'd never, ever want to leave. I fell asleep immediately and halfway through the night, I woke up freezing and actually had to turn it up a few degrees. It was still one of the greatest nights of my unconscious life.

After a few weeks, I'm a devout fan of my -4 setting and my wife is down to -1! We turned down the A/C and we actually save money on utility bills. What an unexpected perk!

Now that our mattress stays cool all night, it's nice to reach over and be the big spoon, since even if Samantha's side is warm, my cold side keeps me cool.

As the night goes on, regular mattresses just grow hotter, so good luck getting back to sleep if you wake up in the middle of the night. The Pod by Eight Sleep is revolutionary if you're like me and you like it cool, or if you don't even know what you like yet. I found my optimal sleep temperature, and with that, way more energy during the day.

Update: Don't miss out on Eight Sleep's Labor Day Sale! Buy a Pod today and get a Free Gravity Cooling Blanket + Free Shipping ($300 Value!).

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