Finding Progressive Glasses Is Hard. Warby Parker Made it Easy.

I've been wearing progressives for over a decade, and I always get anxious when it's time for my annual visit to the optometrist. Every time my prescription changes, I have to get new frames too, and that gets pricey. Not to mention: The frame selection at the optometrist always leaves a lot to be desired. So I've been sticking to the same look for years because it's easy, not because I actually like it. This all changed when my son, Ryan, started wearing progressives too. He insisted I start buying my glasses online from Warby Parker, telling me they have tons of options and that it's much more affordable than going to my usual optical shops. I discovered he's right, and I found a pair of good-looking Warby Parker progressives that saved me over $200.

Warby Parker is an eyewear company that's making it affordable for people to buy designer-quality glasses. They're using the latest innovations in progressives, applying each customer's prescription to their lenses using digital, predictive technology. More precise than conventional models, these digital free-form progressives provide a wider field of vision. I was skeptical of shopping for glasses online, but my son told me his Warby Parker progressives actually changed the way he sees and cost nearly half of what I was used to paying for mine. I decided to give it a try.

The process was straightforward and simple. I started by taking the short home try-on quiz, where you can pick 5 frames to try-on at home for free. All I had to do was answer a few questions about my preferred fit, style, and color. Then I chose my five frames for my free Home Try-On, with free shipping and free returns. For fun, I picked one retro-inspired cat-eye frame for a little flair and then one clear frame that would go with everything. I also found three classic-looking pairs similar to the ones I've always worn. I had five days to test them out—a new pair each day! In the past, finding frames I liked was always a challenge, but not with Warby Parker. The best part, though, is the savings. Progressives from Warby Parker start at $295—and that price includes both the lenses and the frame. That meant I could afford to get two new pairs for the same price as my old ones.

When my glasses arrived, it was obvious that the quality was great. I've tried on what feels like hundreds of pairs over the years and I can tell what's going to withstand everyday wear and tear and what won't. Warby Parker glasses all include anti-reflective, smudge-resistant, and scratch-resistant coatings, provide 100% protection from UV rays, and come with a one-year no-scratch guarantee (meaning if your lenses get scratched within 12 months of buying, they'll replace them for free). I ended up choosing two pairs from my Home Try-On: Daisy in Cyprus Crystal for my everyday look and Wilder in Whiskey Tortoise for when I want to look a bit more polished and refined. Warby Parker has opticians in all their stores who will carefully take your measurements and make sure your glasses are just right for you. They even go so far as to offer free adjustments whenever you need them, so I felt like I wasn't missing out on anything a traditional optical store has to offer.

There was really no comparing my new Warby Parker progressives to my old ones. The new styles frame my face really well. With these digital free-form lenses, my vision is sharp, I can see better at night, and colors appear brighter and more intense thanks to the anti-reflective coating. I love that they have so many style options—I'm going to treat myself to a pair of sunglasses next. With my Warby Parker frames, I finally feel like myself in my glasses, and I love having the option of variety at a price I can really afford.

Take the quiz and find 5 Frames to try at home (it's free)!

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