Why Your Wellness Routine Needs Feals CBD

Genuinely prioritizing your life will reveal that your wellbeing is the most important thing. Your relationships, your career, your goals, and ambitions are all going to feel out of balance if you're not focusing on the core of those things: you.

Supporting a healthy mind and body may feel like an insurmountable task, but it's necessary to your health — if your stress response is triggered too often, you're experiencing more stress than you need for survival. Chronic stress may lead to depression, high blood pressure, digestive problems, headaches, and more.

Even if you're not experiencing chronic stress, it doesn't hurt to guard against stressors and maybe see how you can enhance your wellness routine and reach a level of mindfulness that can guide you to achieve your goals.

Meditation is part of the foundation of wellness, but if your wellbeing has been kicked to the bottom of your list for a long time, even 5 minutes of meditation can be agony.

It's best to find the most accessible in for you, which for many, can be CBD. CBD, or cannabidiol from the hemp plant, may regulate mood and may ease aches and pains, without causing any psychoactive effects (feeling "high") and may lead to a calmer and more focused you.

One of the biggest misconceptions in the CBD community surrounds dosing recommendations. While some companies may offer a suggested dose, the truth is, everyone reacts to CBD differently, making it tough to get too prescriptive. While lower doses of CBD energize, higher dosages tend to have sedative effects.

When introducing hemp oil into your routine, it can be hard to commit to one brand. Feals, a premium full-spectrum CBD company, offers a $20 Flight that includes three different doses: 40, 80, and 160 MG — it's some of the most potent CBD on the market.

As CBD is one of the 113 active compounds or cannabinoids found in the hemp plant, it's best to find a full-spectrum oil so you can get the full benefits of the plant. CBD has been deemed safe for use and may reduce nervousness, stress, and aches and pains.

Developing a wellness routine can mean skincare and putting your phone away 30 minutes before bed. But CBD may help you address the roots of your stressors, focus and channel your energy into what you need to feel better.

So sit back and learn how to relax with CBD delivered right to your door. With Feals, if you subscribe to a full-size bottle, you'll get 30% off and peace of mind that you chose a solid brand.

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