Fall In Love With A New Fall Wardrobe

I’m not a big online shopper, yet as a busy woman, spending hours at the mall isn’t always productive or fruitful. Summer vacation is long gone and pumpkin spiced lattes are filling the menus at my favorite coffee shops which means only one thing: Fall is in full swing. The time has come to bring out my sweaters and boots and put away my shorts. Shopping for a fall wardrobe is a must, and getting my fashion-friendly cool-weather clothes geared up is on my never-ending todo list.

My style is a blend of a few different things. I want to look modern, stylish, and workplace-chic, while staying true to my individuality and being comfortable. As the seasons change, a new closetful of fresh clothing is something to look forward to. But as someone who can’t find the time to go from store to store scouring racks and shelves for ensembles that may or may not suit me, another mode of shopping would be a time-saver as well as a great tool to help me put together a seasons’ worth of clothing. That’s why I decided to try Le Tote Select, a service that delivers a box of clothes curated for you directly to your door.

I heard about Le Tote Selectfrom an always in-style girlfriend and was instantly intrigued. An online personal stylist for just 20 bucks? Seemed too good to be true, but as I perused the website and its amazing offerings, I was not only impressed, but also ready to relinquish my own meager shopping skills and trust a professional stylist to help me put together a fall wardrobe that would put the “fashion police” out of business.

I logged onto the site, filled out an in-depth questionnaire to hone in on my personal tastes and style, sizes, and personality, and the process was underway. For the attention and specific selections, I would be willing to pay more than the $20 styling fee. I picked my delivery box theme and waited in anticipation until my first shipment came. With 5 days to decide if the items were to my liking, I could give every piece a whirl and decide whether to keep it or send it back for something new. The pre-paid return bag makes it simple to send back what I don’t like, and for the items I love, they are ready to wear with great fit and fashion-forward appeal. I only had to pay for the items I kept and with every shipment, my stylist got to know my preferences even better.

For me, a season-suited wardrobe is a must for a fun fall season. But the dip in temperature doesn’t mean style needs to fade too. Le Tote Select’s stylists are in-the-know about the hottest styles, trends, and classics, and ready to offer the finest in flattering and affordable clothing.

If you’re anything like me, the idea of traditional shopping makes you want to head for the food court rather than the women’s section. Now I can stay home, browse the site , and look better than ever thanks to Le Tote Select. Fall has never been so fabulous.

If you’re intrigued, take the free style quiz and discover how Le Tote Select can amp up your fall style. Don’t fall for imposters, only Le Tote Select has the looks you’ll fall for! Follow this link to sign up with Le Tote Select today!

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