This Smart Wallet Is Recycled From Old Windshields

Even in an increasingly cashless society, a wallet is still a necessity. How else to carry credit cards, driver's license, and other forms of ID? As responsible citizens of the planet, our editors have major issues with the same-old, same-old standard wallet - it's leather and it wears out quickly. It's not good for the planet, your bank account, or the safety of your personal information.

So, we went looking for the perfect tech-savvy wallet that would make a bold statement while keeping us safe. That's when we discovered the Ekster ultra-slim smart wallet. What hooked us the most? They have a vegan leather wallet that's made out of old car windshields. That's right, before it was a wallet, it was a windshield.

Here are all the details:

A Classic Blend

Officially the slimmest smart wallet on the market, Ekster blends form, quality, and functionality. They upgraded the traditional wallet, making it easier to use (with a card pop-up button) and harder to lose (with a solar-powered tracker card). Their wallets are not just smart - they're ingenious.

Durable…and Smart!

Ekster's one-of-a-kind smart wallets are equipped with some sharp technical features such as trackability and RFID protection. Its tracker card is connected to a worldwide lost-and-found network and runs on solar power - an environmental plus.

Built-in RFID-protection guards your card from electronic theft. In a world of high-tech crime, you need a wallet like this to make sure your info - and your cash! - remain under your control.

SIRI-ously Innovative

Adding the tracker to your Ekster wallet makes it compatible with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and SIRI. So, if you ever misplace your wallet, you can find it with your phone - and vice versa. Plus, you can even use the tracker card to take selfies on your phone in selfie-mode.

From Windshield to Wallet

Stylish and durable, Ekster's latest creation - the Recycled Collection - has its origins in Europe where 9 million cars are scrapped each year. The windshields of these cars are coated with an invisible layer of PVB (polyvinyl butyral) which keeps the glass from shattering on impact.

PVB is infinitely durable so Ekster repurposes it to make resilient, biodegradable Vegan leather that's scratch-resistant, water-resistant, and indistinguishable from real cowhide.

Changing the World - One Wallet at a Time

It's not enough to counter the current linear economic model that promotes a "take, make, dispose" mentality. As the world evolves and moves towards a circular economy and focuses on using, reusing, and recycling, Ekster's Recyclable Wallets make perfect sense. It's one of the many steps we can easily take toward a better, healthier planet.

Ekster's Recycled Collection comes in 3 colors - charcoal, sand, and earth tones - and are subtly classic. Although the feel is luxurious, they're sustainable and vegan. They go with everything and you can take them everywhere. You can rest easy knowing your wallet is ethically-sourced, and you can recycle it when you decide it's time for a new one.

With all of these smart features and sustainable design, the Ekster Recycled Collection is surprisingly affordable at only $99 a pop. In less than a week after ordering, it will arrive at your door in handsome matte packaging. Shipping is always free, as are returns. But, trust us, you'll want to hang on to this wallet.

"Innovative, sharp-looking, and environmentally conscious" isn't just a description of Ekster's Recycled wallet. It describes the person who uses it, too.

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