4 Most Common Kitty Myths & The Truth Behind Them

From ancient Egyptians worshiping cat gods to 16th-century folk associating cats with evil and witchcraft, myths about our furry four-legged friends have been around for thousands of years. We'll get into some ancient superstitions and fun feline facts below, but the most widely accepted modern myth? That litter boxes have to be gross. PrettyLitter is a super lightweight (like, 4 lbs for a whole month's supply) kitty litter that's odor-neutralizing, anti-dust and anti-clumping, so you only have to change it once a month. It's totally revolutionizing the way people take care of their cats and even has a delivery subscription so you can cut out trips to the pet store. Best of all, PrettyLitter's formula contains crystals that will change color to alert you to potential health problems. So you can rest assured your cat is healthy, or know when to take them to the vet if something's wrong.

While our feline friends have been able to shake off most of the crazy myths surrounding them over the years, here are 4 of the most common myths about cats debunked.

Myth - Black Cats Are Unlucky

Black cats have been the subject of superstitions for centuries, and while in some countries they are considered unlucky, in other parts of the world, the dark-haired felines are said to bring good fortune. In Japan, it is thought to be good luck if a black cat crosses your path, but in much of Europe and the US, the presence of a black cat is considered to mean that bad luck is on its way. If a black cat appears on your doorstep in Scotland, tradition suggests you could be coming into money, while in China, some believe black cats mean that poverty is in your future. Sadly, unwanted and abandoned black cats are notoriously difficult to rehome thanks to superstition, so this is a myth with deep-running consequences for adoption rates.

Myth - Cats Always Land On Their Feet

False! While cats do have what is called a righting reflex, meaning they're able to twist around very quickly in the air when falling, as well as flexible backbones, it is not guaranteed that your kitty will always land on their feet. Cats are agile creatures, but the truth is they can really hurt themselves if they fall the wrong way. Interestingly, a cat has a better chance of walking away injury free if the fall from a height of above 12 feet than a shorter perch, because the longer distance gives them time for their righting reflex to kick in.

Myth - Cats Do Their Business Outside Of The Litter Box If They're Mad At You

Cats don't go to the bathroom outside of the litterbox out of spite! If your kitty is having accidents all over the house, it could be due to the stress of an underlying medical issue. If your cat has a urinary tract infection or another type of bladder irritability, he may start to associate the litter box with pain, and therefore will seek other places to do his business. PrettyLitter can help alert you to potential health issues your kitty might be suffering from. The highly absorbent microgels trap the urine and will change color if they detect abnormalities, allowing you to catch a dangerous and painful health issue before it gets any worse.

Myth - Cats Need Cows' Milk

When we think of our gorgeous four-legged female friends, we naturally associate them with a nice little saucer of milk, right? Turns out, cats actually don't need milk after infancy, and can even develop lactose intolerance in adult life. Cows' milk has little to no nutritional value for a cat, and while there is no problem using milk as a once-in-a-while treat, it can cause an upset stomach for those kitties who aren't used to it.

While your cat might be a legendary Instagram presence, don't believe the urban legends about them. PrettyLitter is busting the myth that litter boxes have to be gross by delivering super lightweight litter right to your door, with an odor eliminating and clump defying formula that eliminates the gross-out factor so you can get back to snapping that perfect Insta of Mister Whisker's cat nap in the sun.

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