Don’t Just Forget About Your Accident - Get The Compensation You Deserve

Car accidents are unfortunately too common in the US and they're not always harmless fender-benders. The CDC reported that over 257,000 older adults and approximately 300,000 teens were treated in emergency rooms because of motor vehicle accidents.

The hours and days following a car accident are intense and confusing. First and foremost you need to take care of yourself medically but that does come at a cost - and it's not small. The average cost for an accident-caused injury is $27,000.

Between hospitals, insurance, and the other parties you're being pulled in a ton of different directions; the best solution to minimize all this is to hire a personal injury attorney.

Most people think that personal injury suits are for people who slip and fall in grocery stores or medical malpractice, but motor vehicle accidents actually make up 52% of personal injury cases.

Many people struggle to find an attorney after getting into an accident. It's hard to find a lawyer that's nearby, vetted, and available but once you find one it's definitely worth it.

There's no commitment to pursue any legal action when you speak to an attorney. However, it helps you understand what case you do have. They can help explain what kind of compensation you can expect, your rights under state law, if they can represent you with your insurance company, and any documents and information you need to provide.

Car accidents hurt more than just your vehicle. Though medical bills accrue after being injured in an accident, there can also be a loss of wage, car repairs, insurance payments, and more. Personal injury attorneys are here to help you navigate this time in your life no matter how big or small the accident.

You never know what you may be entitled to after an accident until you speak with an attorney. You can't control a car accident but you can control how you deal with the aftermath.

Before you get started, answer these 3 questions

  • Was your accident less than 2 years ago?
  • Were you injured in the accident and was the accident someone else's fault?
  • Do you currently have an attorney representing you for this injury?
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