More Than A Brand - Hint Water Promotes Healthy Lifestyles

Kara Goldin's story follows a path many women face on their way to the top. But it's her personal journey that has forged a fiercely loyal base for her fruit-infused water company, Hint.

The dream was to make daily, health-conscious choices easier for consumers, while making sure they tasted good along the way.

As an executive at AOL, Goldin's job brought not only stress, but a diet soda obsession resulting in skin issues and weight struggles. Knowing something needed to change, Goldin traded in diet soda for water with fruit slices mixed in. Within two weeks of following this regimen, she noticed an uptick in her energy and mood.

Kara knew she had stumbled upon something simple yet monumental. She had to share her findings with others struggling with unhealthy lifestyle choices. A pivotal choice, she moved to promoting water as the answer for those seeking alternatives to soda and sugary drinks.

Day in and day out, it's the personal aspect of Hint water that has consumers coming back. Kara remains open about all the challenges she faced. She's spoken publicly about her experiences with imposter syndrome, something women everywhere can identify with. She says, "You can't do much about the other guy [or] company. If you focus on you and what you can do, chances of succeeding are higher."

Fruit Infused Water
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Her work with Hint is a bustling intersection between listening to consumers, adapting strategies, and creating the best flavored water product possible.

Hint's new customer offer lets you mix and match three cases of their top flavors, like Watermelon, Peach Raspberry, and Cherry. All of Hint's flavors have zero calories, sugar or sweeteners. And for a limited time, Hint is offering new customers a chance to try 3 cases of Hint for only $36 - that's just $1 per bottle! Plus, Hint customers get free shipping so it's delivered straight to your door, making hydration easier and more delicious than ever.

After years of hard work toward building a community around the brand and a crazy 2020, Kara and her team at Hint have officially cracked the code for customer loyalty. Her ability to give consumers exactly what they need: Hint's healthy, delicious, flavorful water. Get a taste of the brand for yourself with their New Customer Offer -- 36 bottles for only $36, plus free shipping straight to your door.

Update: Hint is extending a special offer to our readers! Follow this link to get 36 bottles for only $36

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