A Look At Yumi’s Blends And Snacks That Are Focused On Brain Development

While babies come in all shapes and sizes, one thing they all have in common is their noggins! Babies' brains and their development can be traced directly through the food they’re fed as infants.

Recently, more and more baby food companies have come under fire for including dangerous, heavy metals in their products. A 2021 report found that many "commercial baby foods are tainted with significant levels of toxic heavy metals, including arsenic, lead, cadmium, and mercury." According to the report, exposure to heavy metals in infants “endanger[s] neurological development and long-term brain function.”*

Yumi, a baby food subscription company that’s reimagining baby food, puts its blends and ingredients first. They test their ingredients and finished products, their foods are free of the Big 9 allergens, and they’ve even received the Purity Award from the Clean Label Project. Every blend or snack puts brain development at the forefront by consisting of crucial ingredients such as calcium, choline, magnesium, and more.

By breaking their blends into stages based on your baby’s age range, Yumi and their team of nutritionists have all the bases covered.

Their fresh blends are packed with vitamins and minerals pivotal to the various stages and timelines that keep your baby’s brain development on track. Bonus: their scheduled deliveries keep you on track, too!

Let Yumi focus on key ingredients so you can focus on spending more time with your babe.

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