I Struggled With Hair Loss After My Newborn, So Here's What I Did

"You're absolutely glowing" - That's all I heard from my family, friends, co-workers and even strangers I would meet in public. It was the effect of the bump. Some days, I did feel like I was glowing but then other days, not so much.

Being pregnant was amazing, and I'm beyond blessed with little Jamie, but let's be honest, it's a roller coaster of emotions and hormones. Gotta take the good with the bad! And that very much was the case with my hair.

During the tough days of my second and third trimester, when nothing was going right, I had no energy and my ankles were like balloons, but my luscious hair got me through - as vain as it sounds! My hair grew so thick and looked really shiny while I was pregnant. I never had a real issue with my hair but I still noticed how much I loved the thickness I gained during my pregnancy.

I changed to all clean beauty and hair products while pregnant, and thought that maybe that was why. But then, about 2 months after having Jamie, I lost all that thickness completely and my hair got so thin - thinner than it ever was. I noticed that it was falling out so much more, too.

I said it to my doctor and she reassured me it was normal for women to experience this after giving birth and it's called telogen effluvium. The high estrogen levels during pregnancy prevent hair from shedding, then once you have your baby those estrogen levels drop and your hair starts to fall out again, leaving you with thinner hair.

I was shocked I never knew about this! My hair had become my best asset and I couldn't believe how thin, limp and lifeless it had gotten. I even went and got it cut, but that didn't even help. I needed to do something, so I started to do some research. There were a lot of hair thickening products out there, but they had varying reviews and results, along with some very questionable ingredients such as Minoxidil in prescriptions and in Rogaine. The FDA does not recommend taking it while breastfeeding or after having a baby. In fact, it has so many side effects such as scalp irritation, headaches, rapid weight gain, and even as serious as chest pains.

I was starting to think I would never find anything. But then I came across Vegamour. It has so many products for all types of hair loss - even lashes, and brows. Plus, their products are all vegan and have no synthetic hormones or carcinogens. But did these natural ingredients really work?

I looked into the reviews and everyone is getting great results - the before and after pictures were amazing. Its main active ingredients are Mung Bean, Red Clover, Curcumin, and Nicotiana Benthamiana. What? Turns out all these plant-based ingredients work to inhibit the production of DHT, the hormone responsible for hair loss along with extending the hairs growth phase and increasing the density of root hair. Resulting in thicker, longer and fuller hair.

I was so nervous about hair serums after reading about the scary side effects from all the harmful chemicals in Rogaine and Nioxin's Diamax. But after seeing that Vegamour has none of them in their serum and only uses natural plant-based ingredients I was delighted and really wanted to try it.

I looked through their products and decided to go with the Gro Hair Serum, for $48. But then I saw I could get it for $40 if I got it on subscription, which is delivered every month. I read it takes 90 days to see results so it made sense to save money and go with the subscription if I really wanted to see results.

woman sitting at table with long black hair

A few days later my Vegamour Gro Hair Serum arrived. I was so excited that I opened it right away and put it all over my scalp. It felt really good, and I could put it on dry hair or towel-dried hair. I got into the routine of putting it in my hair every night before bed.

After a month I didn't see much of a result, but I just reminded myself it takes longer to see results, so I stayed patient.

And now I'm so glad I did stick with the Vegamour Gro Hair Serum! My hair is pretty much back to the thickness I was craving and I have much less shedding. I really didn't think the results would be this amazing and the few months were really quick. it's as easy as massaging a serum into your scalp!

I can't recommend Vegamour enough to any mothers who also struggled with hair loss after pregnancy or anyone who wants thick luscious hair.

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