The Dangerous Side Effects Of Lash & Brow Growth Products

Hair loss affects about 80% of women in their lifetimes, and it can be crushing, especially when it's not just hair on your head. Losing eyebrows and lashes is common, and can't be covered up with a hat.

It's likely that symptoms of anxiety and depression will manifest at the same time, so it's no wonder there are so many remedies on the market for thinning hair, brows, and lashes.

But some of the most popular solutions for hair loss are made with toxic chemicals and can cause horrifying, long-term side effects.

The good news is, there are some natural, toxin-free products to grow and maintain your brows and lashes. A leader in the clean beauty space, Vegamour was founded to find a safer way to battle hair loss.

Using their natural, plant-based solutions you can expect to see 34% more effective lash and brow length delivery, plus the formulas come with 0 side effects (other than, of course, longer lashes and fuller brows).

Here are the nightmarish side effects you could encounter from other growth or thickening products that you can skip over with Vegamour.

Eye Darkening and Discoloration

Everyone wants long, luxurious lashes, but at what cost? Many lash enhancers like the highly publicized Latisse contain the chemical bimatoprost, which has been known to cause darkening of the eyelids and permanent discoloration of the iris.

That means your eyes can permanently go from green to brown. There are also reports of eyelash breakage and blurred vision. An alternative to bimatoprost is red clover, which makes hair follicles fertile again, instead of artificially reinstating growth.


Who wants to grow hair at the risk of a life-threatening disease? Parabens are commonly used in beauty products, including lash enhancers like Full Brow and Lash Serum from Shiseido and other popular brands to make them last longer. They help prevent the growth of mold and bacteria, but they're highly linked to breast cancer - as a known carcinogen, they've been studied to potentially increase the cancerous cells found in breast cancer.

When choosing products for lash growth and brow enhancement, make sure they're paraben-free.

Major Irritation

To mask the chemical smell of some lash and brow products, companies will add "fragrance." They're not legally bound to identify every ingredient in the fragrance, so it's possible to cause irritation, itching, sneezing, red eyes, tearing and burning, and that doesn't even have to do with being close to the eyes. Putting fragrance near your eyes can be extremely dangerous.

Vegamour's luxurious solutions are always plant-based and natural. In addition, they're so much more effective than other toxic products that can potentially make things worse - Vegamour has a 94% effectiveness. That's why they're upfront about what goes into their products.

Browse their brow, lash, and hair plans to find something that fits your needs without the nasty side effects.

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