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Did you know that "urinary tract infections (UTIs) are one of the most frequent clinical bacterial infections in women, accounting for nearly 25% of all infections”?* Hard to believe, right?!

Our editors were shocked but not surprised. We wondered what it would be like not to suffer. Imagine enjoying life without the discomfort, frustration, the ineffective home remedies, and cranberry juice hacks. Not in our lifetime.

But we wanted to get to the bottom of this common issue and help our readers. After much research, we came across a brand dedicated to spreading awareness of UTIs and tackling urinary health with a fresh approach. Meet Uqora, they specialize in UTI Education and make UTI relief products. In collaboration with physicians and scientists, they also created best-selling urinary tract health supplements that are designed to support women through the life stages that can impact urinary tract health.

If looking to get proactive about your urinary health, Uqora’s most popular bundle the Complete Regimen has three products, designed to support your urinary health from multiple angles:

Flush— an easy-to-drink beverage mix with a mild pink lemonade flavor. It offers a quick method to literally flush your urinary tract. It alkalizes your urine, reducing its acidity through a blend of unique ingredients. Flush aims to provide urinary support when you need it most, like after sex, exercise, or while traveling.

Defend— this daily supplement is designed to cleanse biofilm and support bladder wall integrity. Biofilm is a collection of microorganisms bound together that attach to surfaces, like the bladder wall. Defend is packed with active ingredients like turmeric root and green tea extract. It also contains Vitamin D, to help tighten junction proteins in the bladder, essentially connecting cells.

Promote — not your typical probiotic — Promote is a probiotic designed to support "good" bacteria that are specific to the vagina. It features three strains—Lactobacillus Acidophilus, Lactobacillus Rhamnosus, and Lactobacillus Reuter—which live naturally in a healthy vagina. It's great for individuals seeking additional support in maintaining vaginal health, which has been closely linked to urinary health.

From periods to menopause — and through all life’s changes — when one’s urinary health might need extra support, Uqora’s there for you.

Still need convincing? Uqora's site has a library of over 30,000 uncurated reviews** that can be filtered according to age ranges. But here are a few that caught our editors’ eyes.

If you’re still on the fence, Uqora’s happiness guarantee gives you time to try their products risk-free for 60 days. If you’re not satisfied, simply contact their customer success team for a refund. And you can opt out anytime you want — no commitment. A— a safety net you won’t be needing. But how nice to know it’s there!

While you can buy each product individually, we recommend a subscription for the best value. Uqora's best-selling Complete Regimen starts at only $52 (a $90 value), and automatically renews every 4 weeks. Plus, Uqora will email you 3 days before each shipment, just in case you want to adjust anything.

It’s time to say hello to better urinary tract health. Uqora’s got you covered.

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