This Detergent-Free Hair Wash Is The New Haircare Ritual

Keeping hair as fresh and voluminous as possible can feel like an impossible feat most of the time. Sometimes you need a day or two post-wash to do a certain style, but we can’t deny that it often gets greasy and flat sooner than we’d like.

We’ve put our trust into shampoos and conditioners to keep our hair clean and get the job done. While most shampoos praise themselves for being super effective, they’re still not solving our problem. We need our hair care to step it up.

High-quality sulfate-free shampoos often contain other detergents that throw us into the dreaded wash, grease, repeat cycle. These detergents strip the scalp of natural oils and lead to an overproduction of sebum (a substance that protects the hair follicle). When sebum production overcompensates for constant stripping, you get dirtier, greasier hair faster.

It’s nice to use sulfate-free products, but what’s better is to level up and go detergent-free. But is it possible in the hair care space?

Our editors have been on the hunt for a new way to take care of your hair - one that can fulfill our detergent-free needs. We can happily say we have found exactly that with Hairstory.

Hairstory’s New Wash is an innovative cleanser that replaces your sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners. It makes the transition out of wash, grease, wash, repeat seamless as it cleans your scalp without stripping your hair of its natural oils or damaging the sebum production.

Powered by essential oils and naturally-derived non-detergent cleansing ingredients, New Wash will lead to fewer washes and your healthiest hair.

New Wash works on every hair type and even has a Refill Club that you can subscribe to - choose the frequency you'd like to receive your Hairstory deliveries and save up to 15% off each order. Plus, you’ll get a free aluminum dispenser with a pump, a travel jar, and free shipping!

It does take hair some time to adapt to New Wash, but you will notice a massive difference once it does. We found it was well worth the slight waiting period of about a month to get our hair into a healthier wash cycle.

Hairstory also has New Wash Rich for those who need added moisture and New Wash Deep for extra cleansing and oil management made with apple cider vinegar and argan oil - all ingredients your hair will love. Each pouch comes in 8, 20, or 32-oz, so you can choose one depending on your hair length and thickness.

Put your hair first and switch to Hairstory, the biodegradable cleanser that can help you have a lot more #goodhairdays.

It’s time to move past sulfate-free and embrace the new detergent-free standard your hair craves. Hairstory’s New Wash is answering the call, and you need to give it a try!

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