The Majority Of Women Face Hair Loss -- Vegamour Is The Safe & Natural Solution.

The confidence a good-hair day brings is an unbeatable joy women will go to great lengths to chase. That includes countless trips to the hair stylist and buying too many hair products to count. We associate hair with our self-image. If it looks good, we feel good, too. Because of this, it can be devastating to discover your hair is falling out, and many women are too embarrassed to look for solutions. But it's extremely common. In fact, according to the American Academy of Dermatology, 40% of women have visible hair loss by the time they're 40. That's almost half of all women!

Though hair loss is usually associated with men, women often experience hair loss due to aging, hormonal changes after childbirth, stress, alopecia, or medical procedures like chemotherapy. Hair loss occurs when the testosterone in our bodies converts to DHT, a hair-damaging hormone. It really can happen to anyone, even an otherwise healthy person. Some companies have managed to leverage the science behind DHT to fight hair loss. Take Vegamour, who uses phyto-actives known to inhibit DHT production to extend the hair's growth phase, resulting in some radical outcomes for those seeking thicker, fuller hair -- 50% visible hair density increase in four months.

The hair growth industry is saturated with products made from toxic chemicals that cause some women to end up experiencing more harm than good. Many of the common hair loss treatments available contain harmful ingredients like Finasteride and Minoxidil, which can cause debilitating side effects ranging from nausea and bloating to bleeding, inverted nipples and decreased sex drive. Consumers should also be wary when considering Rogaine, perhaps the most recognizable name in hair loss treatment, whose side effects include heart palpitations and potential birth defects.

With clean beauty on the rise, there are safer options for women battling hair loss - some of which work better than their toxic counterparts. A pioneer in the space, Vegamour uses only safe ingredients in their effective hair restoration products. In just three months, you can start seeing real results without the negative side effects caused by other solutions. Vegamour is not only safe to use consistently, but it helps in almost 30% more growth than competitors.

Hair loss doesn't have to be so taboo. Through discussion, you can find products that are safe and effective from companies that care about your well-being, like Vegamour. With Vegamour, women are taking control of their hair journey, and seeing safe results for years to come.

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