Getaway Vs. Camping In The Lonestar State — Which One is Better?

Living in big Texas cities like Austin, San Antonio, Dallas, or Houston has many advantages — from excellent job opportunities and education to tons of attractions and events. Life never gets monotonous as there's so much fun stuff to do.

If you’re overstressed and exhausted from the fast-paced city lifestyle, it’s time to consider taking a break. Texas has majestic, natural landscapes just waiting for you. It’s high time you get out there to destress and take a deep breath of fresh air.

While camping can be a wonderful way to do that, our editors went looking for a more convenient alternative. We came across Getaway and their cozy cabins that are nestled in the great outdoors but have indoor comforts. Plus, they’re family and pet-friendly – for a small fee you can bring your pup.

We compared both regular camping to Getaway and this is what we discovered:

Key Similarities:

  • Both offer gorgeous views & tranquility in nature
  • Both provide opportunities to spend quality time with loved ones
  • Both give you the freedom to explore the local area

Key Differences:

  • Getaway provides you with a fully equipped cabin — Camping requires lots of preparation and equipment
  • Getaway cabins are at least 50- to 150-feet apart — Camping grounds lack privacy
  • Getaway has amazing customer service — Camping? You’re on your own
  • A Getaway cabin comes with a private bathroom — Camping only provides shared toilet and shower facilities (if that)

Getaway, Texas Overview

Located about a two-hour drive from Austin, Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio, Getaway cabins come fully equipped with a queen-sized bed, fresh linens, AC, a kitchenette with basic cooking utensils, and a bathroom (including hot water) with towels. There’s even a fire pit for outdoor cooking, so break out those s’mores fixins!

We love that Getaway provides contactless checkin and checkout. Plus, their cabins are 50 to 150 feet apart, guaranteeing privacy. This mini-escape promises to help you disconnect, relax, and recharge; since there’s no wifi and a lockbox for your phone. So you won't even think of answering those pesky work emails.

You can choose between three outposts, Hill Country, Piney Woods, and Brazos Valley. Each offers various inspiring trails through forests and along rivers, as well as other adventurous activities.

For example, Texas’ most-loved natural swimming hole, the Blue Hole, is only 20 minutes away from Getaway’s Hill Country Outpost. In Piney Woods you can take a trip to Cedar Creek Lake, famous for its catfish fishing, or walk your pup through dog-friendly Beaver Slide Nature Park. One of Brazos Valley’s top highlights is the Barrington Living History Farm, where you get to experience 19th-century rural life — a one-of-a-kind trip for the whole family!

Make sure to check out Getaway’s site for more information about each Outpost’s particular attractions.

Cabin rentals start at only $89 per night. Take advantage of pack offerings like their Three Weeknight Pack for some extra savings.

Camping Overview

Texas has endless opportunities for camping — you can pitch your tent basically anywhere.

But let's not forget the effort it takes to make such a trip actually happen — from buying expensive equipment to researching campgrounds and lugging cooking utensils, towels, pillows, toiletries, blankets, etc.… After a camping trip, most likely you'll need another vacation.

Not to mention, sharing a bathroom with the entire campsite and sleeping tent-to-tent with your camping neighbors isn’t for everyone. The weather plays a crucial factor as well. Who wants to suffer through a thunder and lightning storm in a flimsy tent when you can be comfortably safe in a cozy Getaway cabin?

Sure, a campground’s nightly rate is cheaper, but buying all the necessary equipment and essentials can burn a hole in your wallet.

Final Thoughts

Our goal was to find a way to escape the day-to-day life that’s easy and affordable.

Camping is a fine way to enjoy nature to its fullest, but it can also mean inviting hassle, discomfort, and unpredictability along the way. We agree that camping is more stressful than relaxing, which is why Getaway is our winner.

From start to end, Getaway can be an integral part of your wellness routine. Simply pick your Outpost, click the number of guests, beds, and your travel dates. You can even add their Kid's Adventure Kit, which is packed with analog activities for your little ones to enjoy. Then there’s the Starry Eyes Kit, which includes oil diffuser and massage oils, and will be in your cabin waiting for you to arrive.

There’s no easier way to get out, recharge, and enjoy the harmonious nature of the Lonestar State — that's guaranteed! Don’t wait too long to give Getaway a try.

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