Spot & Tango Reviewed: Everything Your Dog Needs For 2022

The holidays came, and I was swimming in tasty bones, squeaking chew toys, and delicious, mouth-watering REAL food!. Every dog’s dream, that is until I realized I would have to go back to eating kibble - those yucky, smelly bits in my bowl that make my tummy hurt.

Then the New Year came, and everything changed.

My owner set up strange, what she calls, 'workout' equipment throughout the apartment and won't let me join in on any of the fun! Though it doesn't look like she's having fun at all, and afterward she drinks these shakes that smell like my kibble.

I can’t seem to put my paw on what’s going on but it seems like she’s trying to change herself. She isn’t eating her favorite snacks anymore or lounging on the sofa with me, and has even started to run faster than me during our morning jogs. I keep hearing my mom saying “New Year, New Me” while she is huffing and puffing.

Doesn’t she know how perfect she is already?

But then when I thought I couldn’t love my mom anymore I got a whiff of something right outside our door. It smelled just like all my favorite food from the holidays. I was so excited about maybe getting some scraps as a treat.

Then, to my surprise, she opened the bag, and scooped this magic into my bowl! I looked up at her thinking it was a trick. This stuff looked a little like my old food, but the smell was amazing! My mom gave me the nod letting me know it was ok and I started gobbling it up.

My human mom then went on to tell me that Spot & Tango is a pet food company redefining the meaning of healthy pet food by offering vet-formulated, personalized meal plans that focus on each pup's individual needs in both their wet and dry foods while also using flavors dogs like me love.

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Unlike the other stuff that was packed with additives my human fed me before, that made me sick, this company’s pet food has never been recalled and it’s not overly processed. They only use premium ingredients which is why they source food from local farms and their recipes never contain any artificial preservatives, fillers, or additives.

Not to mention that all of Spot & Tango’s food meet or exceed the standards set by AAFCO's Dog Food Nutrient Profiles for all life stages.

Once I switched to Spot & Tango, my owner and I were shocked at how much energy I had and she was relieved to see me being my normal, active, dog-self again.

I have to say, despite the funny ‘New year, New Me,’ behavior, I’m still the luckiest dog in the world. I have a human who adores me, takes me on adventurous walks to the beachfront and my favorite parks. More importantly, she feeds me Spot & Tango!

Besides, there’s nothing to lose.

I recently overheard my owner telling her friend about Spot & Tango’s two-week trial. Pet owners everywhere can see how their pup likes it and if not the Happy Pup Guarantee makes it easy to get your money back.

Plus, my human-mom can always rely on their dedicated customer service that provides excellent help and support.

Needless to say, my owner has earned extra cuddles as a thank you for always getting me Spot & Tango, plus it’s the best way to show her how perfect she is!

Spot & Tango is simply the best food for your dog.

Check out Spot & Tango today, and let your special pup enjoy the experience that comes with healthy, personalized food that helps them stay active and happy.

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