Nutrisystem, Noom, or WW - Who Holds The Key To Easy Weight Loss?

Losing weight may feel like an impossible feat that you've tried 100 different times in a 100 different ways. Sure, it’s difficult but worse than that, it can be so inconvenient to completely restructure how you eat.

The support of a leading player in the weight loss industry can definitely make a difference.

We put the top 3 weight loss programs to the test to see who'd come out the winner: Nutrisystem®, WW® (Weight Watchers®) or Noom®.

Ready to lose weight and feel great? We broke down all 3 options to help you figure out which is best for you!

Key Similarities

  • All 3 plans are designed for moderate and steady, long-term weight loss through healthy changes
  • All have mobile apps available to download
  • All programs promote physical activity but don’t require it
  • All have accessible support or coaching available

Key Differences

  • Nutrisystem® sends you high-quality pre-packaged, pre-portioned meals and snacks right to your door
  • Noom requires you to log your process daily after each meal and after each workout
  • Noom offers no food options
  • WW doesn’t offer meals, but they do offer some breakfasts, snacks and beverages
  • With WW you keep track of points - With Nutrisystem®, you don’t have to keep track of any numbers
  • With Nutrisystem®, no foods are banned - you get to eat healthier versions of your favorite meals

Nutrisystem® Overview

Nutrisystem® has been around for over 50 years, so it’s definitely not a fad. They have a strong reputation thanks to their scientific formula that combines high-protein meals with lower-glycemic nutrition to help control hunger. Nutrisystem is designed to keep blood sugar steady and help you achieve results that last.

New for 2022, there are so many premium foods that rival your restaurant faves. What other weight loss plan has Bistro-Style Toasted Ravioli with 3 kinds of cheese for only 280 calories?!

Nutrisystem® doesn't believe in skipping meals to lose weight. One key factor with their plans is that you’re encouraged to eat six times throughout the day. This strategy helps fight hunger and their new Premium meals, including Red Pepper Chicken and Pasta Sauté, have 30g of protein that will leave you feeling full and satisfied for longer.

There are several different Nutrisystem® plans available. The one you select will depend on your menu preferences and how many meals you want Nutrisystem® to prepare for you. They even have options for multiple lifestyles: a diabetes plan, a plan you can do with a partner, and an option for vegetarians!

Within each plan, you can go further and opt for a basic plan, Uniquely Yours plan, or even the Uniquely Yours Max+ plan that features the new Premium meals and their best menu of 160+ choices!

What we like the most about Nutrisystem® is that the meal plan is simple and easy to follow. Instead of worrying about your next meal, there are perfectly portioned options waiting for you to microwave or heat up in a skillet in minutes.

You’ll still get to enjoy flexibility; cook up a family favorite or dine out at your favorite restaurant. With a balanced meal plan and so many tasty options, you’ll stay away from mindless snacking, lose weight and learn how to keep it off.

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WW Overview

Weight Watchers rebranded to WW, with the tagline “Wellness That Works.” The program works on a point system. Foods and snacks are assigned a certain number of points and you have an allotted number - or a budget - of points or calories each day. To start, you’ll go through a series of questions all designed to create your budget and ZeroPoint food list.

There are a lot of zero-point foods like certain fruits, vegetables and soups. There’s a totally personalized ZeroPoint food list that will help guide you to healthier eating. You also have the ability to add points to your allocated number by tracking non-starchy vegetables, drinking more water, and making time for activity.

How much you choose to rely on WW is totally up to you. You need to cook the majority of your meals, but there is an option to subscribe to their snacks. However, there isn’t much focus on the nutritional value of foods. The point system is cumbersome and may be hard to follow with a busy lifestyle.

Being forced to prep your meals on your own makes it easy to go off course and eat something calorically costly in a pinch.

WW has 3 plans with various price points and features. These range from a Digital membership to a combination of Digital and Workshops and Coaching. You might be able to find WW in-person meetings near you.

Noom Overview

Noom is strictly app-centric with a focus on behavior modification techniques, customization, and tracking.

You begin with a detailed quiz to determine what kind of recommendations they’ll make for you - like if you have allergies or require physical modifications. However, they’ve come under fire for giving users the same results no matter their quiz answers.

The psychology has been critiqued for creating fear around certain foods and the technology skews towards the easiest-to-track foods - ie: takeout - versus home-cooked meals.

The other downfall of the app is that in order for you to see those big wins, they might prescribe too few calories. Although you may see the number on the scale fall a bit, it won’t be sustainable.

The Noom app requires a few minutes a day to give you a plan on exercises, foods to eat, and habits to break.

There aren’t any official Noom foods or exercise classes.

Final Notes

All 3 can work, however, we’re fans of Nutrisystem®. The convenience of having your foods delivered - and the fact that they’re tasty and filling! - means you may not be as tempted to give up on your goals. With Noom and WW, there’s still an abundance of choice and a lack of convenience that deter you from pursuing your goals, and far too much focus on tedious numbers.

Having a 4-week meal plan delivered right to your door simplifies everything. Depending on your plan, you’re still able to eat your own food or even celebrate with food in a smart way.Nutrisystem® focuses on the nutritional value, so even cookies have a place and purpose in your diet.

Nutrisystem®’s longevity in the business (50 Years!), along with their commitment to continually innovate new recipes make them a huge success. New for 2022, you’ll find high-protein Hearty Inspirations like Chicken Pot-Sticker Stir Fry and delicious Restaurant Faves like a broccoli cheddar soup that tastes so much better than your local cafe.

Everyone wants a plan that makes weight loss as easy as possible, yet tastes great and keeps us feeling full. We want delicious, nutritionist-powered meals of the sweet and savory varieties, and an app that helps us stay on track. Nutrisystem®’s NuMi app keeps track of your progress, creates accountability, and has tons of helpful blog content that assists with real results.

Choosing Nutrisystem means you are one step closer to your personal weight loss goal! Nutrisystem is with you every step of the way.

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