When Life Gets Tough – Uqora Is There For You

Whenever my life gets hectic, I seem to lose sight of my goals and things fall by the wayside. So, I set aside time to get grounded. I sit by myself, slow down, and reflect on what's going on. Are there any issues I need to pay attention to? What habits do I want to break? What's working?

A few months ago, I went through another bout. I was taking an account of things and realized that I was dealing with a ton. I got a promotion and relocated to the other side of the country where I met my new partner. What with setting up my apartment and settling in at work, my diet and personal routines had taken a back seat.

Specifically, I struggled with several UTIs that wrecked my life for weeks at a time. Then I had a thought, could I get proactive about supporting my urinary health. So, I jumped on my phone and quickly searched for “urinary tract health” and up popped Uqora.

Uqora specializes in UTI education and UTI relief products. They also make best-selling urinary tract health supplements that are designed to support me through the changes that can affect urinary tract health. That’s from periods to menopause, and even through the aging process, when one’s urinary health might need more support. For me, a new partner and the stress of a new city was really taking its toll on my urinary health.

I love that Uqora’s site is so informative! They have a library of 25+K unfiltered, uncurated reviews** showcasing real stories of people finding success with their products.

Now, I was super intrigued. And when I saw that Uqora has a money-back guarantee, I was sold. I have 60 days to test their products risk-free and get a full refund if I’m unsatisfied.

When I got my package, I couldn’t wait to get started. I’d ordered Uqora’s best-selling Complete Regimen bundle which features three unique supplements designed to support urinary health from several angles. This bundle is designed for those looking for Uqora’s maximum urinary tract support, so of course I had to give it a try.

  • Flush is a drink mix that flushes the urinary tract, keeping you clear when you need it most. It takes effect upon urination and has a delicious pink lemonade flavor. Uqora’s website recommends drinking a full glass once every 3 days or in those moments you need extra support like after sex, when traveling, or just being in a wet swimsuit too long.
  • Defend supports urinary tract health in the face of everyday life. Defend cleanses biofilm, which helps to keep the urinary tract clear on a day-to-day basis. It also supports bladder wall integrity.
  • Finally, Promote is a vaginal probiotic taken orally that helps maintain healthy vaginal bacteria. Vaginal health is tightly linked to urinary tract health, so addressing vaginal health is key. You can also take Promote alongside other probiotics you may be taking.

When I ask myself now about what's working in my life? What helps me stay grounded? I have to say it's Uqora’s Complete Regimen. With a subscription, it starts at only $52 (a $90 value!) and automatically renews every 4 weeks. And should I want to change anything or need assistance, I can reach out to their customer success team and hear from a real person!

If you’re ready to take a proactive approach to your urinary tract health, check out Uqora!

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