I Hate Cat Litter: Here’s Why PrettyLitter is Amazing

I love my cat, Cookie. He's been a joy ever since I adopted him a few years ago, and my life has been better with him in it. However, full disclosure, I absolutely hate his cat litter. I hate buying it in a heavy 40 pound sack, I hate scooping it, I hate changing it, suffice to say, there are many things I hate about it.

I've gone through about 5-6 brands and I've somehow had a problem with each and every one of them - if it clumps well, it also clumps to my cat's butt and paws well. If it's lightweight, I also see it tracked and splashed everywhere outside the box, sometimes sticking to my own feet or socks, then tracked around the house.

Since I'm always searching and complaining, a friend told me about PrettyLitter, and this cat couldn't be any happier.

PrettyLitter is a cat litter that is not only low in dust, lightweight, and has amazing odor control, it is designed to help me monitor my cat's health. It's made using naturally occurring minerals that are processed into silica gel crystals, and comes in a 6 lb bag that lasts for an entire month - which blew my mind. You just tell them how many cats you have, and they deliver it to your door each month. Simple as that.

With PrettyLitter, even though it's non-clumping, the water in the urine just evaporates, so the box is dry and only needs scooping for Cookie's poop. Clumping litters are easy to scoop but can come with a host of problems (outside of the little clumps stuck to the cat), such as dust clouds, dusty paw prints, scattered pellets around the house, and can even cause UTIs.

I've heard one too many horror stories about friends dealing with vet bills. Even with the best clay or natural litters that claimed to be low-dust I still felt I had breathing issues every time I had to go and clean the box. With PrettyLitter, I'm breathing way better after each box scooping.

Pretty Litter
No Mess Cat Litter
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Beyond its obvious perks, the cool thing that separates it from other brands is that it can tell me about Cookie's health. If things are normal, I'll see a regular yellowish or light green color when Cookie pees, but if the litter changes colors, it means something may be wrong. Deep green/blue litter color change means a potential urinary tract infection, orange could indicate kidney tubular acidosis, and red indicates blood in the urine, which can mean bladder inflammation or bladder stones.

Cats don't show symptoms until it's advanced so some of these things can be scary if not caught early.

A litter that can detect health issues sounds like it would be expensive, right? Wrong. PrettyLitter costs about $22/bag and lasts a whole month. The cost is essentially the same as other brands, and was actually cheaper than what I was paying before.

The fact that I only need 4 lbs to last me a month with 1 cat, and that it's cleaner, detects health issues early, and is delivered straight to my door, for even less than competitors, is amazing. I still don't love dealing with litter in general (who does?), PrettyLitter has made my life and Cookie's life a whole lot better.

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