Here’s The Problem With My Pup’s Dog Food

When I say I love my dog, I mean I really love my dog; what owner doesn't?

So when Lottie, my energetic Russell Terrier, stopped bouncing off the walls, though I wanted to relish in the downtime, I knew something wasn't right.

At first, I honestly thought this was Lottie's way of asking for more time outside. I extended our walks and trips to the puppy park, but that led to her eating more grass than usual, leading to some not-so-great bowel movements.

Eventually, enough was enough. Lottie wasn’t acting like her normal self, which meant I had to go take her in to see a vet.

Turns out, all that was wrong with my sweet dog was the food I was feeding her. My vet said Lottie needed something packed with protein and vitamins. He told me the kibble I was buying is made through a process called hot-extrusion — A process that uses high pressure and heat and strips food of its nutrients. Not to mention, even some premium brands use meat byproducts that contain a lot of chemical additives and other harmful things dogs shouldn’t ingest.

I was shocked, to say the least. If anyone were to ask me before, I would have assured them premium dry food was the best of the best. But now that I knew the kibble I fed Lottie was filled with processed ingredients, I was determined to find something better.

My partner's college buddy is a certified Animal nutritionist and revealed that Spot & Tango is the go-to when it comes to dog food.

What makes Spot & Tango unique is that their food is made with each dog's individual needs in mind. Spot & Tango uses 100% whole ingredients alongside their Fresh Dry™ process, which maximizes nutritional integrity, so dogs like Lottie will have more energy and reap the benefits of a healthier diet. I loved learning that their fresh food recipes are made in small batches, while their UnKibble recipes contain zero powdered meat byproducts.

Their recipes meet or exceed the standards set by AAFCO's Dog Food Nutrient Profiles for all life stages. So, as Lottie grows, Spot & Tango will be there to adjust to her needs. A lot of people online swear it’s truly the best way to guarantee you're meeting all your dog's nutritional needs.

I was a bit skeptical that all that was wrong with Lottie was her diet, but I was happy to try anything that could potentially get her back to her regular self. Plus, Spot & Tango offered a two-week trial so I could see how Lottie liked it. If not, their Happy Pup Guarantee would have helped me get my money back.

Add to that, their subscription seemed to be a life-saver for any dog parents like myself who dread lugging heavy bags of food home or having to run out and get more at the most inconvenient times. I can simply subscribe to get Spot & Tango delivered to my door and pause orders anytime.

I placed my order and almost forgot a few days later and only checked when I saw Lottie sniffing at the door as if someone had placed her favorite treats on the other side.

Lottie was all over me as I opened the bag and scooped some Spot & Tango into her bowl! She looked up at me for a second, almost as if she thought it was a trick. The new food looked different from her old stuff - you could see the vegetables. I gave her a reassuring nod, and that was all it took. Minutes later, the bowl had been licked clean.

About a week after making the switch in Lottie's diet, I noticed she was a bit more playful than in recent days, and she didn't get as tired out on our evening walks.

Thankfully, about three or four weeks later, Lottie was basically back to her usual self: barking at the kids walking home from school, exploring every inch of the backyard, and getting me to take her on extra walks (can you really say no to such an adorable puppy?).

If you’re worried your current dog food is making your puppy sluggish and unmotivated, then you have to see how they like Spot & Tango! Lottie is never going back to regular or premium dry food that you find in the grocery store ever again!

Treat your furry friend to Spot & Tango today. They’ll love you even harder when you do.

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