How GeistM Can Scale Your Business Profitably

If content is king, then testing is content's right-hand man. That's why GeistM is revolutionizing the digital marketing landscape with its unique blend of content, proprietary technology, and data-driven methodology. While it may seem like an advertising agency on the surface, GeistM goes far and beyond to turn marketing in part art and part science. It's this ingenious approach that helps clients discover and deliver their value proposition in a manner that most deeply resonates with their customer base.

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Ranking #27 on Crain's Fast 50 and #830 on the Inc. 5000 in 2020, GeistMis steadily taking over the marketing landscape thanks to its seamless marriage of content marketing and direct response. Technology and content work hand-in-hand to refine the testing process and create campaigns in a timely and efficient manner, while analyzing the results to further optimize.

In short, GeistM reaches "intenders" through its proprietary Demand Side Platform (DSP), which is integrated across all major ad networks and connects with authentic, voice-driven content that is produced in-house and hosted across a network of over 100 owned and operated publishers.

But why content? In the digital age, it's no longer advisable to sink hundreds of thousands of dollars into spray-and-paint billboards and programmatic ad slots. Not only are the results of these efforts difficult to measure, but consumer attention spans and brand loyalty are dwindling. What is more effective? A quick 30-second TV spot that your intender may or may not even see or a 2 to 3-minute article that the intender voluntarily engages with? The answer is clear.

However, your content is only as good as the measurable results that it produces. Thus, channel partners must be able to test, optimize, and report on their content in real-time, an extremely difficult and time-consuming feat if you do not have the proper infrastructure. That's where GeistMcomes into play. If 2020 taught marketers anything, it's that you have to be nimble. The "set it and forget it" mindset is a relic of the past. You can't place your bets on a single content piece, you need a content strategy.

Innovation is one of the pillars of GeistM as it seeks to offer high-touchy 24/7 service that allows clients to have what they need when they need it. But it also is what allows GeistM to remain competitive amongst a slew of digital agencies. In addition to constant creative and content testing, GeistM is no stranger to testing new networks.

While most agencies are married to the big-tech players like Facebook and Google, GeistM knows not to rely too heavily on one network. With volatile CPMs, increasing competition, and a slew of new privacy regulations, any agency that relies too heavily on one network is ultimately setting themselves up for failure. Testing is at the heart of GeistM's business model as it allows them to always remain at the cutting-edge.

GeistM may perform many of the same tasks of a marketing agency, but in reality, it's not a marketing agency at all. In fact, it's a MarTech company. Blackfire, GeistM's proprietary technology, can generate deep data insights for clients around their market, aggregate data from all major networks and Google Analytics, and show clients click-path and attribution analytics that would otherwise be invisible.

By merging content strategy, tech, and data science, GeistM is able to deliver results that align with their client's KPIs. While many brands are struggling to navigate the current marketplace, GeistM can help you define your value propositions, develop KPIs and goals, creative content, and campaigns around those goals, and optimize the results. It's this full-stacked service offering that makes GeistM the best bet for any brand that's trying to hone its digital presence.

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