Everything We Uncovered About SmartEnergy

Lately, I've become more conscious of social responsibility and my environmental footprint. I knew there was more I could do to help create a cleaner environment; I just didn't know where to start or how.

Eventually, through online research, I came across SmartEnergy, an independent energy supplier that promises to supply customers with reliable electricity sourced from 100% renewable resources.

That seemed fine. But can I trust SmartEnergy to help me reduce my carbon footprint?

It's clear there's a lot of confusion about renewable energy sources, so I looked for more info.

Here's the truth about SmartEnergy:

You Can Control How Sustainable Your Energy Is

True. By selecting the source of your energy supply from your utility company to SmartEnergy you are choosing the more sustainable option. How? SmartEnergy purchases renewable energy credits (RECs) to offset 100% of your electricity usage.

You Have To Switch Utilities

False. There's no need to switch your utility when you sign up for SmartEnergyfor electricity supply. No need to worry about contacting your current utility, SmartEnergy does that on your behalf. And, your utility will continue to deliver your electricity, respond to emergencies, and send your bill.

My Personal Info Is Secure With SmartEnergy

True. Any info you enter on the SmartEnergy site is secured. SmartEnergy will never share any of your data or information with third parties unless permission is granted.

The Price Is Unpredictable

False. With SmartEnergy, your first 6 months will be set at a fixed rate. After your first 6 months, you can decide if you want to continue with a fixed rate or a variable rate.

All You Need Is Your Utility Bill

True. To switch from your old electricity supplier to SmartEnergy simply have your most recent electricity bill available. Sign up online or call to have a representative walk you through the process.

Through the use of renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, hydroelectric, and geothermal, SmartEnergy is the cleaner option for my home and our planet.

If you're looking to make a conscious effort to keep the world green, it's clear that SmartEnergy is a company that's for you.

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