The Secret To Finding A Job After College

For any recent graduate, there's a high probability that the first job you take out of school will have little to do with your recently acquired degree. I know that was the case for me. I studied the business of fashion for four years, learning the ins-and-outs of the industry while expanding my network.

However, in my final year of undergrad, I suddenly realized that maybe fashion wasn't my endgame. Although I worked several jobs encompassing retail, marketing, customer relations, merchandising, and e-commerce, I had no clue what I actually wanted to pursue. After mulling over my options, it hit me that my passion is marketing and branding.

I panicked as I flipped through job postings on Google and LinkedIn, trying to determine if I could meet the requirements for a copywriter or marketing specialist. It seemed that I needed expertise like . . .

" Two years of experience in PPC advertising"

" Has written at least two dozen bylines for a major publication"

I was freaking out, thinking that I'd never have a shot at working in my dream industry. Even though I'd taken a slew of courses to reinforce my marketing skills, I worried that I was coming up short.

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How could I create an eye catching resume when I'd never worked in marketing? While I still have a lot more to learn, I was certain that many of the skills I gained within fashion are transferable. It was clear that if I wasn't confident enough to talk about my expertise, my resume would have to do the talking for me.

I wanted my resume to highlight my added value without compromising on truth. Not to mention my stress about the state of the job market and my current prospects. I needed a guaranteed way to stand out. I needed a professional resume-writing service.

After some thorough research, I came across TopResume , a top-rate professional resume-writing service that offers personalized recommendations that help you craft a unique and engaging career story. I was definitely a bit skeptical about paying someone to help boost my resume, but then I saw a little blurb on TopResume's website - for each day searching for a job, you're losing a day's worth of pay. Wow, I never thought about it like that.

I was still somewhat dubious, but if I didn't receive twice as many interviews within 180 of receiving the final product, TopResume has a 60-day money back guarantee! "Wow?" I thought.

So I scheduled a free expert resume review. I was surprised that before I even submitted my application, TopResume could determine whether or not my resume needed an update.

After my free review, I was matched with my expert writer, Donna, who was extremely well versed in marketing and quite knowledgeable about the apparel industry! Did I mention that she'd worked in Human Resources and Recruitment? It was a match made in heaven.

We went over some of the nitty gritty details like language and format to amplify the clarity of my resume. The amazing part is that before I received my updated resume, Donna optimized it for Applicant Tracking Systems. An ATS filters potential applicants' resumes to match specific keywords.

Employers use an ATS to cut-down on recruitment time through automation. Donna told me that if my resume wasn't optimized properly, all my hard work would be for nothing.

The process was quick, easy, and more beneficial than I'd ever imagined. I'm absolutely in love with my revitalized resume and employers seem to agree. I even paid for a LinkedIn profile makeover to make sure my updated resume was being seen by as many people as possible!

Ever since I updated my resume I've had more than twice as many interviews and even have some leverage to negotiate a higher salary. Even better, TopResume gave me the opportunity to pursue an industry I had little experience in. Now that's invaluable.

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