Your Questions About Audien Hearing Answered

Statistics tell us that hearing loss affects one out of three people over 65. Yet many people experience hearing aid resistance and can get quite stubborn about taking action.

Dr. Jamie Desjardins — Lead Researcher and Assistant Professor of Speech Language Pathology at the University of Texas at El Paso* — said, " On average, it takes people 10 years from the time they first exhibit symptoms of hearing loss until they seek treatment."

Denial and embarrassment are two major reasons for the delay — or even flat-out refusal. For some, this may be responding to outdated notions about hearing aids — they’re ugly, bulky, expensive, and require doctor appointments.

Our editors understand this and want to introduce you to Audien Hearing, a brand that set out to revolutionize the field; making high quality hearing aids affordable and accessible.

There’s no time like the present to deal with hearing loss. Thinking about getting a hearing aid? You may have some concerns about Audien Hearing — Well, here are all the answers to your most pressing questions:

1. Why Audien Hearing?

This leader in contemporary hearing aid technology and design has completely changed the hearing aid game, and It's about time. And, in the process, improving the quality of everyday life for those experiencing hearing loss.

Audien offers OTC hearing aids designed for individuals with mild to moderate hearing loss. They’re registered with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and are a top seller on Amazon and at Walmart. Plus, USA Today rated Audien's 5-star hearing aids the “BEST HEARING AIDS OF 2024.

2. Is Audien Hearing Beyond My Price Range?

Good hearing shouldn’t break the bank. That’s why we’re so impressed by Audien Hearing’s pricing. Conventional hearing aid options can run $5K and possibly higher. In contrast, Audien’s Atom 2 Series includes the Atom 2 ($189) and the Atom Pro 2 ($289), which provide comparable service at a fraction of what you’d pay for traditional hearing aids. How’s that for a trustworthy, effective, prescription-free alternative?

3. How’s The Sound Quality?

Just the way you like It — Audien’s A2 chip features crystal-clear sound. It cancels background noise and offers 4 versatile listening modes: Conversation, Noisy Environment, Road Vehicle, and Outdoor.

4. How’s The Fitting? Are They Comfortable?

Small & Discreet Tech has revolutionized the field, so super-compact size and modern, contoured design are now the industry standard. Audien understands the hurdles to resolving hearing issues — discreet technology, compact size, and contoured design make their hearing aids comfortable and practically invisible. You’ll forget you’re wearing them!

5. What Kind Of Batteries Do The Atom 2 and the Atom Pro 2 Use?

Say goodbye to batteries! Forget the hassle of battery changing.

A USB charger ensures that the Atom Pro 2 is compatible with your other charging devices. Audien’s batteries last 24 hours, so you can spend your time out and about instead of waiting for a battery to charge. In terms of rechargeability, Audienconveniently offers both wired and wireless recharging options.

6. What If I Don’t Like My Hearing Aid?

Audien Hearing is passionate about their hearing aids and what they do: they issue a 1-year warranty for defective hearing aids and guarantee a replacement. (The warranty doesn’t include broken, lost, or water-damaged products.)

They even have a 45-day, 100% money-back guarantee that provides total peace of mind when ordering. If your model doesn’t live up to its description or your expectations, return it within that 45-day window, and Audien will send back your money — simplicity itself.

Customer service is readily available via phone, chat, or email. Their help center also offers helpful and informative videos on setting up, wearing, and cleaning your Audien hearing aid.

Depending on your chosen model, Audien’s Atom 2 Series starts at only $189. This prescription-free solution is discrete and quite affordable. It can help amplify speech and reduce background noise, giving you a superb, high-quality audio experience.

So, whether you’re running a team meeting, hosting your book club, or kicking back with an old friend, a hearing aid like Audien’s Atom Pro 2 can bring the confidence and joy that comes from being fully connected to the world.

Say goodbye to expensive solutions and check out Audien’s high-quality audio experience today!


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