5 Ways Vivint Home Security Can Protect You At Home

The world is in an uncertain place at the moment. While everyone is staying home, it's hard to feel secure. One way to feel safer in your home is by getting a smart home security system, like Vivint Smart Home. Having your home as safe as possible will take some worry away. Plus, there are tons of other features that add convenience to your everyday life.

Here are 5 reasons why you need Vivint

1. You're spending more time at home, make sure it's secure

Everyone is spending all their time at home at the moment to stay safe, but you still need to make sure your home is secure. Vivint's smart home security system can give you that extra peace of mind. Even in these times, burglaries can still occur but can be deterred by the presence of an alarm system.

Vivint offers so many security features, such as doorbell cameras, indoor smart cameras, outdoor smart cameras, smart door locks, car protection, garage door control, 24/7 monitoring, and video recording.

2. They have many features to choose from

Having a Vivint Smart Home system means you have other smart home tech features like smart smoke and CO detectors and flood sensors as well as customized notifications to your phone. You get notifications for deliveries, plus you can control the lights and the thermostat with your phone, or set a timer for them to turn on/off. You can sync your Google Home or Amazon Echo with your Vivint system, too.

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3. It's super convenient - you control everything with your phone

You can access everything on the free Vivint Smart Home app, available for iPhone and Android. On the app, you control your entire portal—monitor the camera views at all times, lock the door, switch on the thermostat, and get in contact with the Vivint monitoring team (but if the worst happens, they'll be sure to be the ones to call first!).

4. More control if you're having more deliveries

Whenever a package is delivered, you'll get a notification. The doorbell camera is like caller ID, but for your front door. It's a one-way camera but has two-way talk, so you can see and talk to whoever's at your door without answering it - you can tell the delivery man where to leave your package. It has the largest field of view and a package watch feature- it's AI technology watches your packages and will play a loud warning tone and turn the light ring red if someone tries to steal it. This usually makes the person look up so the camera can catch their face, not just detecting crime but deterring it. It even has night vision so you can see everything at any time.

5. Smooth, seamless installation

An installation by one of the Vivint Smart Home Pros is included, so don't worry if you're not tech-savvy, there's no need to install anything yourself. They know everything and create a system that is easy to use—everything in the system works together to make your smart home technology simple and accessible. The Pros will also give you a clear run-through on how to use your new technology.

With Vivint, you get all the benefits of a tech lifestyle and high security with none of the hassle.

You won't just be protecting your home from intruders, you'll be making sure the important people and things inside it are safe and sound. Vivint puts control of everything in your home back in your own hands.

They bring safety and convenience in the form of smart tech to your fingertips. Check out their site to find out what options are best for you. We'd recommend Vivint to anyone who wants the real comfort of smart home security.

Update: Vivint is extending a special offer to our readers. Follow this link to receive free installation and a $50 Visa gift card with purchase of a system.

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