The Truth About Vitamin C

Back to school, no more sweltering heat and the feeling of the leaves about to turn red, yellow, and orange--you know Fall is coming.

It's arguably the best season of the year but to make sure it's your best season you need to protect yourself.

As the colder weather hits so do the cold and flu outbreaks. Packing in more fruit and vegetables to boost our immune system with more vitamins and minerals is a great way to start. But the key vitamin to boost our immune systems is vitamin C.

The recommended daily amount for healthy adults is 75-90 milligrams, with new research from the University of Michigan stating it should be even higher than this to get the full benefits of vitamin C.

Also known as ascorbic acid, vitamin C is known to boost our immune system thanks to its amazing antioxidant properties but it doesn't stop there. Studies show that consuming more vitamin C can increase your blood antioxidant levels by up to 30%.

This helps the body's natural defenses;

  • Fight inflammation
  • Lower blood pressure,
  • Protect against gout attacks,
  • Improve iron absorption,
  • Reduce heart disease and dementia risk
  • Production of collagen

Researchers in this area now claim that vitamin C may be the ideal nutrition marker for overall health. Eating a net of oranges or downing a few powder orange sachets once we start sneezing is never going to work. Prevention is better than any cure and there's no time like the present to get ahead of cold and flu season.

Ensuring you're getting enough in your diet can be difficult, especially with kids and picky eaters. That's wherePaleovalley's Essential C Complex comes in. It's not your regular vitamin supplement, they're GMO-free and use whole organic ingredients, no synthetic ingredients, or fillers. Two capsules have 450mg of Vitamin C which is 750% of the recommended daily amount.

Paleovalley doesn't use synthetic ascorbic acid, which are found in generic Vitamin C supplements and only deliver a fraction of the nutrients. You may have never heard of the organic wholefood ingredients Acerola Cherry, Camu Camu Berry, and Amla Berry that Paleovalley uses, but they are amazing super foods.

Unripe Acerola Cherry is the most potent source of Vitamin C on the planet. Its Vitamin C content is 120 times higher than that in oranges. Rich in Vitamin C, Camu Camu Berry aids your skin, gums, eyes, and immune system. It's even been shown to deliver mood-boosting properties - something that could be quite helpful in the colder, darker months. Amla Berry has been used for thousands of years in herbal medicine to help support heart and brain function through its ability to detoxify the body and increase circulation.

And they are all gently dried through a minimal process to avoid damaging their fragile nutrients. The cost of 30 capsules starts at $23.99, which is $0.80 per serving if you buy in bulk.

Paleovalley even offers a subscription service to save you money and get your Vitamin C Complex delivered to your door whenever you need it. And with their 100% satisfaction guarantee of an immune boost in 60 days or your money back, there are zero risks.

Boost your immune system and feel all the amazing benefits of vitamin C this season with Paleovalley's organic whole food extremely potent Essential C Complex.

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