The Best Way To Become An Expert On Wine

I'm sort of guy who'll drink whatever the happy hour special is, so I didn't really know much about wine until recently. Sure, it's been around for so long that both the Greeks and Romans had Gods of wine, but in those mythologies no one talks about how well Malbec pairs with lean cuts of red meat. So you can imagine my surprise when I went on a first date with a woman who actually requested a "full bodied" wine. The waiter poured her a taste, and she correctly guessed the wine was aged in rum barrels. Meanwhile, all I could muster was, "It's good."

I pulled the waiter aside while my date was in the bathroom and confessed my wine ignorance. He told me he used to be the same way, and suggested I try Tasting Room. Tasting Room is a monthly wine delivery club that teaches you about wine, and sends you unique bottles based on your preferences. I didn't even know what my preferences were, so I was relieved to find out that Tasting Room helps you discover what you like. Your first shipment is a little different than the rest: six small wine bottles that you rate, which Tasting Room uses to figure out what your palette prefers. I really wanted to impress the wine affecianado, so I tried to learn as much as I could when my regular shipment of full-sized bottles came. They send you a lot of information that helps you taste the difference between smoky and fruity notes, recognize the body level, and even learn about vineyards and what the heck a tannin is. Plus, you always have amazing bottles on hand. We had a date at a BYOB Spanish restaurant, and it felt great to skip the trip to the liquor store and just bring two bottles of the Pinot Noir that Tasting Room had sent me that month. I told her all about the vineyard, what food would pair best with the wine, etc. Even with her wine expertise, she was genuinely impressed. Score!

Now, I'm happy to say I've refined both my selections and wine knowledge. And my new found expertise from Tasting Room has actually changed my life for the better in several ways.

I'm a hit at parties! I'm in a relationship now with the wine lover. She brings me to a lot of parties hosted by her friends, and I always bring a bottle of wine that everyone ends up loving. And whenever anybody asks, "And who brought him?" the smile on my girlfriend's face when she takes credit is priceless.

I finally know what to do at the wine store. I used to go into wine stores and not know my way around. Now I talk actually know what to ask for, and it helps me get a bottle I know I'll like.

Wine knowledge is great for networking! I go to a decent amount of networking events because it never hurts to rub shoulders with people in your industry. Usually, these events are catered, and wine is always a great ice breaker. At one event, I found myself talking to the CTO of a sporting goods delivery startup. We bonded over our appreciation of reds from California's Napa Valley, and I left with a business card!

I've always got great wine to share. When I'm with my girlfriend at her place, sometimes we just veg out and watch TV all night. She gets stressed at work, so I'll massage her feet and we'll split a great bottle of red wine from a smaller vineyard that our local wine store just doesn't offer. It's a perfect night in!

I finally see why the Greeks and Romans had their very own gods of wine. At around $13 a bottle, Tasting Room has really helped me learn what I like, so I can join the rest of the world in appreciating the art of vino.

Update: The folks at Tasting Room are extending a special offer to our readers! Follow this link to get your wine tasting kit for just $6.95 (originally $39.95)!

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