Why This At-Home Wine Tasting Experience Is Giving Us Life

We all love wine so much that most nights of the week, our editors sip a glass or two to wind down after work.

But lately, getting to the liquor store is difficult, and most if not all wine is out of stock (last I checked). Why risk going out and finding a mediocre selection when you could have wines you'll love delivered directly to your door? Enter: Tasting Room.

Tasting Room, the fastest growing wine club in the nation, is changing how wine is sold. They bring an interactive wine tasting to you, and we're all for anything that means we don't have to leave the house these days!

Think of it like the movie industry: where do you go to rent a movie, and who gives you your movie recommendations? If you're anything like me, you look forward to Netflix and food after work. We don't hit the video store to browse new releases or recommended movies anymore. Likewise, new technology has penetrated the wine industry.

Tasting Room's wine recommendation technology makes informed wine selections for you (based on your preferences, the way Netflix does), and ships tailored bottles to your door—bottles that come with a guarantee that you'll enjoy them. Everything comes to you, so you can enjoy the tasting experience without having to leave your house.

Here's how it works. When you sign up for Tasting Room, you'll receive a six-bottle mini tasting kit, which is where the fun begins. Once you try all of the wines, you log on to the site and you're guided through an engaging, interactive tasting where you pit the wines against one another. (It's super fun.)

Tasting Room
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Wine Delivered To Your Door
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You simply click on the wines you prefer in the head-to-head match-ups, and based on your ratings, Tasting Room makes informed wine selections for you in the form of Wine Profile. It's a simple, straightforward guide that points out which types of wine you tend to gravitate towards (in both red and white categories), as well as the regions they come from, and even the foods they pair well with. Can you do a wine tasting in your pajamas anywhere else?! No!

Soon after, you'll receive a 12-bottle case of different wines tailored to match your preferences. The club ships you a case of wine as often as you'd like for about $12/bottle.

You can easily customize your shipment date(s), size, and contents on the site. You keep rating your new shipments, and they send you a mix of whites and reds based on your Wine Profile (and your taste buds).

Every bottle comes with a satisfaction guarantee, so if you ever receive a wine that doesn't match your taste preferences, Tasting Room will replace it or issue you a wine credit to purchase another bottle from the extensive – and delicious – collection on the site.

It's well worth it to join (less than $10 for your tasting kit), and you can pause at any time after your first shipment.

Having your wine delivered, especially during these times, is awesome. Follow this link to get your wine tasting kit for only $9.95 (that's $30 in savings!)

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