8 Options for Donald Trump to Come Back "in Some Form"

Whether as a Pokémon, a Force ghost, or a cable news pundit, we can expect to see a lot more of Donald Trump.

On Wednesday, Donald Trump addressed a gathering of his followers at Joint Base Andrews in Maryland for the final speech of his presidency.

Preparing to leave behind the position he called his "greatest honor and privilege," he told his followers that they are "amazing people," and that he will "always fight" for them. He went on to wish Joe Biden's administration "great luck and great success" to a tepid response, but when he told them "we love you, we will be back... in some form," the cheers were raucous.

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6 of the Best Comedy Bits Spawned from Donald Trump's Insanity

A tribute to the people who have made the last 500 years a little more bearable.

With the election behind us, and the Trump team's spurious legal cases being thrown out of court left and right, it's beginning to look like America will finally be able to leave the Trump era behind.

As many problems as we are still going to face after January 20th, it's a relief to know that we will no longer have to think, "Oh, god, he's the president..." every time Donald Trump says or tweets something offensive, dangerous, or moronic.

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