Why We Highly Recommend Using PetHonesty To Keep Your Dog Healthy

Healthy formulas make happy pups

When picking a treat for your pupper, there are a ton scary things to avoid.

Milk Bones, rawhide, high starch, artificial sweeteners--the list goes on and on. Considering how much we love our furry friends, it comes as a surprise that there are only a few dog treats out there that actually look out for your pet's well-being.

Most treats lack nutritional value and cause much more harm than good. That's why the folks over at PetHonesty want to do more to help all pups live a healthy and pain-free life. PetHonesty is a premier soft-chew dog treat brand that offers GMO-free, nutrient-filled treats that aren't laden with chemical and synthetic ingredients. The best part? Each of these delicious treats targets a specific ailment such as joint mobility or immunity to improve your dog's well-being in the long-term.

With PetHonesty, you can finally take charge of your dog's health. Want to know more about how PetHonesty works and if it's right for you? We have all of your most pressing questions covered.

What Makes Them Different From Other Treats?

PetHonesty boasts an impressive combination of world class safety standards (SQF Level 3 certified), premium ingredients, and 75+ combined years of experience. All treats are made in the U.S.A. and are manufactured using a unique no-heat cooking process to ensure that the quality and effectiveness of each ingredient is not compromised.

How Do I Know If My Dogs Need Them?

We normally only give our dogs probiotics when they're sick or feeling unwell. Humans, however, take supplements routinely to prevent illness and ensure a long and healthy life. Why shouldn't dogs do the same? If you're already giving your dog a treat everyday, why not throw in some all-natural probiotics to help them feel stronger and healthier? Like humans and their supplements, these treats can be used as a preventative measure. None of us want our doggys to get sick, so it's a no brainer.

What Kind Of Products Do They Have?

PetHonesty offers a range of products for any and every known ailment. General wellness, anxiety, joint mobility, immunity, digestion, allergies, bladder--you name it, they've got it.

Two of our favorite products are the AllergyImmunity Chews which are a tasty and incredibly easy way to strengthen your dog's immune system and provide long-lasting relief from environmental stressors, food, and skin/seasonal allergies. Another one of our favorites is the PureMobility Chews which help your dog build strong cartilage, increase joint mobility, and decrease joint stiffness and inflammation.

What Is The Science Behind It?

While all PetHonesty products have a few similarities (no heat-cooking process, made in the U.S.A., high safety standards, etc..), the science behind each supplement differs quite a bit. Each product is carefully designed by vets.

The AllergyImmunity chews, for example, contain bovine colostrum which unlike other harmful antibiotics, helps improve your dogs gastrointestinal tract, in turn supporting the growth of "good" bacteria to promote a long and healthy life.

The PureMobility chews, on the other hand, feature a different set of ingredients which include balanced kollagen to help rebuild joints, turmeric to reduce joint inflammation, glucosamine HCI to support the joints, and green lipped mussels to reduce inflammation to lubricate the joints. While each product may work in a slightly different way, you can rest assured that PetHonesty's treats are the best option for any ailment.

What Kind Of Flavors Do They Have?

In addition to being super effective, PetHonesty's soft-chew treats come in an array of delicious flavors that your dog is guaranteed to fall in love with. Some of their most popular flavors include pumpkin, salmon, chicken, beef, and smoked duck. Each flavor is tried and tested with dogs so you never have to worry about a picky pupper.

Are They Affordable?

Compared to other high-quality dog treats, PetHonesty is incredibly affordable, especially since you're basically getting a dog treat and a supplement rolled-up into one. While the price varies depending on the supplement, prices are still relatively low. The AllergyImmunity chews retails for as little as $25.99 for 90 chews while the PureMobility chews are slightly more expensive at $39.99 for 60 chews. However, if you sign-up for their subscription service, PetHonesty customers can save 20% on each shipment! They even offer a 110% Money Back Guarantee if you are unsatisfied with the product (but trust us, you won't be).

Between hand-picked fruits, immunity-boosting superfoods, and all-natural dog-specific probiotics, PeHonesty is here to make sure your dog gets the care that it deserves!

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The Truth About Kibble and Why Our Dogs Deserve Better

I had no idea what I was doing when I got my first dog, Holly, but my husband had over 14 dogs growing up so when we started dating, I felt she was in good hands. He had always fed his dogs kibble, so Holly (and later, our second dog, Hugo) ate the same way. But something wasn't right. Hugo was gassy and Holly vomited often. We spent so much time and money at the vet trying to figure out what was wrong with them, but kept hearing about more frightening theories and serious tests we'd have to run! And recently, I saw a horrifying story on ABC 7 about how dogs have been poisoned by their kibble. In one record-breaking year, 8,000 pets died after being poisoned by their food, and more recently, 27 brands of dog food were pulled from warehouses for containing pentobarbital, a sedative used to euthanize pets. That was the final straw for my family and kibble.

Many people assume their dog food is safe because of the FDA and the AAFCO, but health and safety has been a problem for years, and the legislation isn't always followed. So, how can you keep your pup safe? Read the labels and buy human-grade dog food. That's where OIlie comes in. Ollie is a dog food company that is committed to being completely transparent by listing every ingredient in their food and working to educate dog owners. It was a bit on the pricey side compared with kibble, but my husband and I didn't need much convincing after we saw the news about poisons found in store-bought kibble, and how changing to human-grade food has been proven to help improve your dog's health.

The team at Ollie takes all factors into consideration to provide the right caloric intake and nutrient balance for each individual dog. And that personalized attention pays off. After a few weeks of feeding Ollie dog food to Holly and Hugo, we've seen the difference that healthier ingredients can make. You can't always trust what's on the label of your dog food. Almost all shelf-stable commercial pet foods contain processed grains, which are terrible for a dog's GI, as Holly and Hugo have experienced. Protein-rich foods are much better for dogs, resulting in more energy and less digestive issues. The kibble industry often classifies dog food as "feed," and the regulations behind pet food is nothing like the regulations for human food. Kibble companies don't even have to ensure the same safety standards that "human-grade" food promises. Just like humans do, dogs feel a difference when they eat fresh meals full of real ingredients (and when they aren't being poisoned!). But it can be very difficult to know where to start and how to meet your dog's nutritional requirements for essential vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, so Ollie takes care of all that.

Besides the peace of mind for me and the dogs loving the food, the main benefits Ollie boasts are health-related, and the food is even backed by canine nutritionists. An all-natural, unprocessed diet can help prevent and treat disease and can help with managing and maintaining your dog's weight. It can also improve their GI tract because when you put the right ingredients into your dog's system, they are able to digest their food better. Having an antioxidant-rich diet can even make your pup smarter, while the filler-free ingredients full of healthy fats can help improve your dog's skin and coat. These things can, in turn, increase your dog's lifespan (my favorite perk!)

The real proof that Ollie works is that Holly doesn't vomit anymore! And our Hugo's poo is also nowhere near as smelly. In fact, even when they use the wee-wee pad, the apartment doesn't stink anymore! It's amazing how much your dog's diet can better their lives, and yours too.

After feeding our dogs Ollie for over a month, Holly and Hugo are noticeably healthier, with shinier coats, less digestive issues and more energy, and we're a happier family as a result. My husband won't feed them kibble anymore, and even convinced my in-laws to start giving Ollie to their two dogs, Libby and Moxie. I can't believe the crap we were feeding to our beloved pups. Our days of kibble are over, and it's clear my dogs are pretty excited about it too. They haul butt to the kitchen when we put down Ollie's human-grade dog food. My whole family- dogs included- recommends Ollie without hesitation.

Update: The folks at Ollie are extending a special offer to our readers. Follow this link to get 50% off your first Ollie delivery!