It's important to show your loved ones you care - here are a few simple ways to express your gratidtude.

Here are a few easy ways to give more thank you's this holiday season.

1.Start a gratitude log.

The easiest way to be more thankful is to acknowledge the good things in your life. Get a notebook or a piece of paper and write down a few things you're thankful for each day. Or keep a list on your phone or even just a mental note. It's easy to be negative. Take time to appreciate what you have.

2.Give more compliments.


3.Send a handwritten thank you note.

If you want to take the compliment idea a little further, you can send a handwritten thank you note to people you truly appreciate. Thank your college mentor or the grandparents you haven't seen in awhile. Sending something you wrote my hand shows how your feelings truly come from the heart.

4.Take someone special to dinner.

Treat someone important in your life to a meal or a movie or whatever you think they would appreciate most. Take your mom or dad out to thank them for their support. Show your significant other that you're happy they are in your life. Give your pet a special treat. Whoever you're thankful for, show them a good time.

5.Tip generously.


While you probably appreciate those closest to you the most, giving thanks to people who serve you is also important. When you go out to eat, don't forget to tip your waiter. If you can, tip a more than you would normally. Verbally thank the cashier at the grocery store and wherever else you shop. Each of these people touched your life in some way. However small, don't forget to show appreciation to them for helping you.

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