Everything You Need To Know About The Litter That Keeps Your Cat Healthy

Daniel Rotman has a soft spot for his furry four-legged friends. That's why it was so distressing when his first cat, Gingi, fell ill without any warning.

He realized there were no tools to help monitor his cat's health as cats often provide little warning if they're feeling unwell. Rotman knew there had to be some way of monitoring their health, so after this incident, he made it his mission to find out.

Enter PrettyLitter, a health-monitoring cat litter that changes color based on the composition of your cat's urine. PrettyLitter allows cat owners to actively monitor the wellbeing of their cat with ease while providing high-quality litter in the process. How does this work? Through PrettyLitter's unique blend of silica gel and a proprietary health indicating crystal formula.

PrettyLitter reacts to urinary elements such as acidity and alkalinity to make color changes visible to the naked eye. Dark green or blue means that your cat may be at risk of struvite stone, while yellow to orange can help discern kidney disease and red can identify bladder inflammation. While the health-monitoring aspect of PrettyLitter is a huge plus, their use of silica gel crystals makes them even better!

Two of the most popular types of litter include clay and crystal. Clay litter is the more common litter out there and has been around the longest. This litter is often made with sodium bentonite, which is a natural sealant that reacts to moisture and causes clumping.

Since clay litter has been around longer, customers often believe it is the better choice. In fact, clay litter tends to be heavier, dustier, less absorbent and needs to be changed more frequently than crystal litter. Most importantly, if your cat ingests any clumping litter, it could swell up inside of them and cause internal blockage.

If clay litter is so bad, what is the advantage of crystal litter? Well first off, crystal litter is made with silica gel beads (which are solid granules of sodium silicate). Silica gel beads have microscopic pores that allow them to absorb many times their own weight in moisture. Crystal litters absorb the moisture and use these pores to trap odor at the source to extend the lifespan of your litter box up to one month.

Other added benefits of crystal include how little dust it has, which means that people with allergies can finally walk into their bathroom without suffering from a coughing fit. Plus, crystal litter is not classified as carcinogenic towards humans or cats. Not to mention no dusty paw prints around the house!

When it comes to choosing a cat litter, PrettyLitter checks all of the boxes. Not only is it the best cat litter for odor control, moisture absorption, and overall durability—but it also serves as a revolutionary health monitor. With PrettyLitter taking care of your cat has never been easier!

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