Le Tote Select is the Best Way to Cut the Stress Out of Shopping

To those of us that see “retail therapy” as more of “retail trauma,” shopping can be a real nightmare. If you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for, you could be stuck in the dressing room for hours with clothes that just don’t fit or aren’t “you.” On the other hand, if you’re the order-everything-online type, you’ll often have to deal with backorders and tricky return policies. Either way, it takes a veteran shopper to not want to totally pull your hair out. There had to be a better way. Enter Le Tote Select. Le Tote Select is a way to have the fashion brought to you. It’s a new service that sends you individually-curated clothes right to your door.

Le Tote Select caters to anyone who’s a little time starved and shopping disillusioned. Their team of personal stylists sends you clothes that fit your style and size, which you can then try on in the comfort of your own home. Then, you only have to pay for the clothes that you love and send back the rest. By rating the items in your tote, the stylists are able to keep sending you items that you’ll love and will best match your style. It’s the perfect marriage of style, convenience, and fit.

Here’s how it works. Go to and order your Le Tote Select Box for a $20 styling fee that gets credited toward anything you purchase in the box. When your tote arrives, you have 5 days to decide what items you want to keep. Those are the only items that you have to pay for. Send the rest back in the prepaid return bag, and you’re all set. Oh and don’t forget to rate your items! When you rate items, your stylists get direct feedback on what you like, so their picks become more and more individualized every time, to find your perfect style and fit.

The best thing about Le Tote Select is the fact that it’s truly personalized. They’ve figured out how to deliver great fashion in the right style and silhouette to your door, all while saving me time and money. Plus, the fit is unique to you as well. They measure each garment and compare those sizes to your unique silhouette, not just the size on the label. That means, you’re getting a better fit than just about anyone else.

Le Tote Select is an easy way to get great fashion on demand. There’s no subscription, no commitments, and free shipping every time. All you have to do is keep the clothes you love and send the rest back. For just $20 a box, that’s every woman’s dream come true. Follow this link to sign up with Le Tote Select today!

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