I Never Thought Sustainable Energy Was Affordable Until I Tried Arcadia Power

I'll admit it, I should do more to save the planet. Although I recycle and refuse to use plastic straws anymore, I'm constantly looking for new ways to be more environmentally conscious.

I always wanted to switch to a sustainable energy alternative but was afraid that it would be expensive or time-consuming to sign up. Like, I want to go green, but I can't afford higher utility bills. Recently, I was talking to a co-worker about the amount of plastic waste our office produces, and she told me that she feels guilt-free since she'd signed up forArcadia Power. It's a free service that partners with your current utility provider to connect you with sustainable energy options.

She went on to tell me that signing up for an Arcadia Power account is a breeze and can be done entirely online. Best of all, it's lowered her utility bills. I politely nodded, assuming she'd gotten it wrong. But after checking out their site, I was shocked to see that it's not too good to be true! Here are 5 things I was surprised to learn…..

Same provider! Arcadia Power switches out where the power is being sourced, not your energy provider. You have the security of staying with the company you've been with for years.

Easy signup process! Sign up online in only a few minutes.

Green energy is cheaper than fossil fuels! Major energy providers have no financial incentive to source renewable energy. So Arcadia Power does the work for them.

It's free!Arcadia Power charges you nothing to source up to 50% of your energy from renewable alternatives.

You save money! Because green energy is cheap and plentiful, you'll save money on your utility bills. Everybody wins!

I never imagined that green energy could be so easily attainable, let alone affordable. But Arcadia Power's process is simple. I logged into my online utility account, provided basic information about my location, and they identified green providers in my area. They'll implement changes to your monthly bill only if they find clean energy that costs less. Arcadia Power is a convenient and effective way to make a real difference. Save yourself some money, while saving the world.

Sign up today to save on your utility bills and save the planet at the same time!

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