Equelle — Real Users Share Their Menopause Miracle Moments

One moment you're shivering in the freezer section of the grocery store, and the next, you're fanning yourself like you’re melting in a sauna. Menopause is a challenging journey that catches many off guard.

Symptoms can start as early as your 40s and before you know it, you’re suffering from sleep issues, mood swings, hot flashes, vaginal irritation, and muscle aches.

While hormone replacement treatment (HRT) can be effective for some, some. people avoid it due to potential side effects. So our editors hunted down a non-hormonal alternative that helps address the root cause of menopause symptoms.

Readers, meet Equelle, your companion on this transformative journey.

You’re probably wondering how Equelle can treat symptoms related to estrogen decline without hormones.

Equelle is backed by decades of efficacy and safety research by scientific experts. Its key ingredient, S-equol, is plant-based and has a similar structure to estrogen, so it can mimic some of its beneficial effects and help reduce menopause symptoms.

By taking two tablets, once a day, you may see results in as soon as 4 weeks, with optimal relief in 2-3 months. Plus, it ships directly to your door. So no need for a doctor’s visit or prescription!

Sounds almost too good to be true, right?! Well, here’s what real users are saying…

“I’m going on my 3rd month using Equelle and I can feel a big difference. I barely get one hot flash a day, Equelle works!”


“My hot flashes are barely noticeable now compared to how intense they used to be. I’m grateful that I found this. It does take time to work, but it works for me. Thank you, Equelle!”


“I just started my third month and WOW! My symptoms are almost completely gone! This is the first product that’s actually worked!”


“I was suffering from hot flashes and night sweats, but after taking Equelle, they stopped. It’s a miraculous product and I’m so grateful to have discovered it.”


“I’ve been taking the Equelle for about 3 months now, and I can see decreased incidents of hot flashes/sweats. The product has really improved my daily life”


Still unsure? Have a look at the results of Equelle’s clinical trials:

  • Month 1 – Women with frequent hot flashes reported daily hot flash relief* and improvements in sleep quality in poor sleepers.**
  • Month 2 – Women reported an average of 5 fewer hot flashes* per day and experienced significant relief from menopausal muscle and joint aches.**
  • Month 3 – Women reported an average of 50 minutes more sleep per night**, improved vaginal symptoms like irritation, itching, and soreness.*** Plus, significant improvements in overall mood.**
  • Months 3+ – After 12 weeks, 92% of women reported they were satisfied with Equelle.

S-equol has minimal side effects and is shown to have no association with breast cancer; no changes in sex or thyroid hormones; and no negative effects on endometrial health.

In general, botanicals or plant-based supplements may result in possible gastrointestinal upset – just something to be aware of when taking Equelle.

A one-month supply of Equelle costs $50, but if you subscribe you save 20% — that’s only $40 — and you never have to worry about running out. Plus, if you’re not happy with your results after 90 days, Equelle will refund you in full.

Some of our editors tried Equelle, and we can confirm it works. Our mood and sleep have improved dramatically. And the hot flushes have vanished — no more arguing over the temperature in the office!

Equelle is a safe, research-backed, non-hormonal solution to menopause. For anyone suffering from unpleasant symptoms or are worried about the risks of using HRT, we highly recommend Equelle’s Menopause Multi-Symptom Relief.

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*In women with greater than 8 hot flashes at baseline
** Versus baseline
***In patients with >9 hot flashes at baseline.

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